Wisconsin Election Investigator Appeals Insult Order


Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — A former Wisconsin Supreme Court judge hired by a Republican to investigate the 2020 elections in Wisconsin. Arbitrage of contempt Against him in connection with his response to the open record request and his heated appearance in court.

Michael Gableman Last week, Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington appealed a June 15 order to fine Gableman $ 2,000 a day. Remington accused Gableman of not being an expert in a bitter order, Misogyny behavior Related to him Appear in court Earlier this month he refused to answer the question and made an ironic remark about a female lawyer.

Remington also forwarded his disdainful order to a committee disciplining lawyers for possible further actions, including the suspension or abolition of Gableman’s legal license.

In his appeal filed on Friday, Gableman argued that the penalties imposed were “significantly disproportionate to the breach.” His lawyer also argued that it was wrong for the judge to deny Gableman’s motion to postpone the insulting hearing and force his lawyer to testify without attendance.

His lawyer said the judge misunderstood that Gableman’s refusal to testify at a hearing on June 10 had exercised his fifth amendment. Gableman should not have been found guilty of insult, his lawyer claimed.

Gableman was also summoned by American Oversight to appear in a court hearing on Thursday in another public records case filed by the group.I submitted 3 open records Proceedings against Gableman, Republican Speaker Robin Vos, who hired Gableman, and Congress.

American Oversight has won a series of victories in front of Valerie Bailey-Rihn, a circuit judge in Remington and Dane County.

In an appeal, Gableman called on a committee of three judges from the Second District Court of Appeals in Wisconsin, based in Wakisha, to hear the case.

American Oversight spokesman Clark Petig said Tuesday that Gableman’s appeal was under consideration and there was no further comment.

Gableman was hired by Voss a year ago under pressure from Donald Trump to seek an investigation by the former president. Defeat of President Joe Biden A little less than 21,000 votes in Wisconsin. According to this survey, taxpayers have so far paid about $ 900,000. Biden’s victory has survived two recounts, multiple proceedings, independent audits, and reviews by conservative law firms.

Gableman has released two interim reports, but his work faces a barrage of bipartisan criticism. Vos put his work on hold this spring until the outcome of a lawsuit disputing the ability to summon civil servants and others involved in the election.