Wisconsin family stranded in Newark after Southwest and United cancel flights, missing $17,000 Royal Caribbean cruise

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The Littmans spent Christmas in New Jersey and missed the Royal Caribbean CruiseBrittany Chang/Insider // Courtesy of Noam Littman

  • A Wisconsin family spent months planning a Royal Caribbean cruise.

  • They ended up stranded in New Jersey after a series of canceled flights.

  • Norm Littman told an insider that his family is now “hesitant” to plan such a trip again.

A family heading to Florida for the holiday season on a Royal Caribbean cruise spent Christmas in the cold New Jersey weather without luggage after a series of canceled flights from Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. spent.

Noam Littman, a native of Appleton, Wisconsin, told Insider that he and his wife, Julie, spent months planning their “big once-a-year trip” for their three sons and two grandparents. The couple dropped about $17,000 on tickets and arranged a surprise for their sons to wait until they arrived in Florida to let them know they were going on a cruise.

Julie told the insider, “We knew we were going to surprise them, and we liked this surge of excitement.

However, 24 hours before I was scheduled to depart Milwaukee on Southwest Airlines on December 23, I was informed that my first flight had been cancelled. The Littmans said they had not received a reason as to why.

“I got a text telling me the flight was canceled,” Noam told the insider. “No one said anything. And we had to try to figure out what to do. So it was a nightmare.”

After Southwest Airlines repeatedly rebooked and canceled flights, the Littmans decided to play it safe and booked their only flight to Orlando, Florida. They were spotted from General Mitchell International Airport (United Airlines flight). A round trip ticket for the whole family cost about $6,500, according to flights reviewed by Insider.

The Littmans said they arrived in Newark, New Jersey, at 3:00 p.m. after completing their first flight segment. Around 6pm, they boarded a plane to Orlando. At that time, a staff member announced on board that United had no pilots available to fly.

The Littmans said they were texted around midnight that their flight had been canceled and that after enquiring, they were being offered accommodation by United, but they had no way of getting there. Additionally, they had no access to their luggage and were not wearing jackets or winter clothing in the winter weather.

The family told Insider that they finally found a good place to stay, but had to fly home over Christmas.

A family of seven standing in front of a Christmas tree.

Courtesy of Noah Littman

The family is now seeking reimbursement from Royal Caribbean and United Airlines where they purchased travel insurance. The family said they were able to get a refund from Southwest.

After being held for hours by United, the family only got about $270 from United, Noam said. United Airlines did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment.

As for whether or not to plan such a trip again, Noam said his family is now “hesitant” knowing how much it’s going to go wrong.

“[United] You can’t control the weather, but you can control how your customers are treated,” Noam told Insider. Completely hanging. I don’t know where my luggage is. I don’t know where I’m staying, but I know I’m not going home. there is nothing. that’s ridiculous. It’s entirely up to United.”

Royal Caribbean did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

Across the United States, hundreds of cruise ship guests have missed departures this winter season. This is because severe winter storms have set in across the country, resulting in cruise cancellations. Thousands of flights across airlines. many people say I’m having trouble securing a refund for their flight.

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