Wisconsin homeowners are told to remove the LGBTQ pride flag and find a clever loophole: Rainbow Flood Light

Milwaukee — When the neighborhood association told the Wisconsin homeowner: Their pride flag had to be lowered, They found a clever loophole. It took the message of pride to new heights and at the same time made the internet in their homes famous.

Memo Fachino and his husband Lance Mier replaced the flag with a rainbow display of floodlights, and Fachino accepted the humor of the moment and posted it to. Reddit forum Admire the preconceived way of avoiding the rules.

This post became popular and inevitably turned into a rant about an enthusiastic union of homeowners, but Fachino wasn’t going to be hostile. After all, he went to Racine’s regional committee. I’m sitting

“We’re not going to stick to anyone,” Fachino said. “We don’t feel being targeted or attacked in the community. We don’t violate HOA rules. It was a fun way for us to be able to show our personality and support in a way. “

The rules require that only one flag be displayed in any home. The official US flag. Even flags representing sports teams are not allowed.

At some point, neighbors found their rainbow-colored flag, raised the issue to the association, urged them to be notified by email that they had to stop it, and urged Fachino and Mia to come up with a bright solution.

Racine's house created a viral sensation when the owner of the house was told to lower the flag of pride and washed it with a rainbow floodlight.

Racine’s house created a viral sensation when the owner of the house was told to lower the flag of pride and washed it with a rainbow floodlight.

Fachino and Mier bought several different colored light bulbs online, but otherwise they already had the equipment to do that.Fachino I posted an image of his house on Reddit’s subreddit “Malicious Compliance”. With 1.5 million members, it praises “people who fit the text of the request but not the spirit.”

The lights were completely within range. After all, if you are Fachino, you can understand.

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Within 48 hours, the post received over 80,000 positive votes and over 6,000 comments. To England of “Independent”.

“I’ve posted other things to other subreddits. I’m a content creator and I’m not trying to see which of my content will explode,” says Fachino. “It was just a coincidence”

The rule of not raising the flag was the result of years of tension in the neighborhood and some “wavy feathers” about political disagreements. Board members struggled with proper wording to allow the use of sports team flags and other flags without a political message.

Fachino said he wanted to be a “big part of the conversation” when he joined the neighborhood committee, and although he completely disagrees with the flag’s policy, he notes the more influential issues in the latest batch. He said he concentrated. The ordinance has been approved.

“Other flags that haven’t been dropped are still flying into the neighborhood because no one has reported them,” he said. “For some reason, a neighbor just happened to report me. That’s why. I didn’t understand. I didn’t report to others, and we didn’t try to make a big statement (to the association). “

According to Fachino, his lights usually only turn on for three hours from 7 to 10 pm. He lives on the edge of a dead end, so there are no problems.

“There is a lot of traffic and no one is standing still to take a picture,” he said.

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“The neighbors I heard were supportive,” Fachino added. “I didn’t share it with my neighborhood app or make a big claim to let everyone know. I just thought it was an interesting loophole and it started there.”

And there may be some additional benefits.

“It would be fun for a light bulb company to come up with a pride edition of a light bulb that can be shipped in a box in June,” he said. “Maybe that benefit could benefit the Foundation or something. It was fun for us.”

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