Wisconsin leaders react to Afghan refugees coming to the state


There are more questions than answers about the thousands of Afghans who may come to Wisconsin.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that 22,000 Afghan refugees would be sent to military bases in Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. The base in Wisconsin is Fort McCoy.

Governor Evers said he welcomed Afghans.

“We owe it to them to protect and keep them safe, just as they helped protect us and keep our troops safe by serving our country. “I will,” the governor said in a statement.

No one knows how many refugees will reach Wisconsin. And no one knows where they will go after arriving at Fort McCoy.

Congressman Tom Tiffany (R-Wis.) Says he is concerned about what we don’t know.

“I’m deeply worried about reports that as many as 5,000 Afghans are heading to the United States per day, many of whom don’t even have a valid visa or basic ID. Biden Government officials say many of these individuals will be transferred to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, but how many will come, what screening will be done before arrival, or landing here. I didn’t elaborate on what would happen after that, “Tiffany said.

Tiffany also said he was worried about a “catch and release” policy that would essentially allow Afghan refugees to leave Fort McCoy after their arrival.

Former Marine Seal and Republican Western Wisconsin Parliamentary candidate Derrick Van Oden said the Biden administration would have to answer basic questions after a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The Biden administration needs to answer the following questions: What process is used to ensure that all foreigners entering our state are former allies? Refugees given asylum? What is your long-term plan? And most importantly, what to do with the Afghan people who were found to have worked with Tullivan. Will they be detained in Guantanamo or deported to Afghanistan? Is it? “Van Oden asked.

Van Oden said there were thousands of Afghans who worked with the US military. Some of them personally worked with him and deserve protection in the United States. But he also said the lack of response from Washington was alarming.

No one says when Afghans will arrive in Fort McCoy. The commander says he is always ready to “accept” refugees.

Benjamin Youngto

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