Wisconsin should consider voting for decertification

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) —Republican Wisconsin 2020 election investigators who voted for Donald Trump said Tuesday that the legislature should “very rigorously consider options for 2020 decertification.” .. Republican leaders repeatedly said they didn’t make and said independent lawyers were illegal.

Investigator Michael Gableman’s 136-page “Interim Report” release National Republican Efforts To change the shape of the election after President Joe Biden defeats Trump.

Many of Gableman’s reports attacked millions of dollars from Mark Zuckerberg-backed foundations aimed at raising turnout, most of which went to five democratic cities. It was sent. According to Gableman, the amount is equivalent to an “illegal bribe.” Over the past year, three courts have legally endorsed the grant.

His report also criticized how the state handled nursing home ballots and absentee ballot drop boxes during the pandemic. He recommended dismantling the Republican-created bipartisan Wisconsin election commission.

The report was hit by bipartisan criticism.

Republican majority leader Jim Steineke quickly rejected the call to revoke the election, saying it was a “fool’s errand.”

“It’s not yet legal under Wisconsin law,” Steineke tweeted. “Beyond that, it would have no practical impact, as there is no constitutional way to dismiss the incumbent president in any way other than impeachment or incompetence. Fool’s errands. Focus on the future. “

Ann Jacobs, Democratic Chairman of the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission, tweeted that Gableman is driving a “crazy conspiracy theory.”

She tweeted that revoking the certificate was “impossible”. It’s not legal. “

The report outlined how Gableman believed that Biden’s victory could be revoked, but also said that doing so had no legal consequences.

“For example, it won’t change who the current president is,” the report said.

Gableman, A former conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court judge, who said the election was stolen from Trump before he was appointed. Presented the highlights of the report before the Parliamentary Election Commission. He revealed that he had voted for Trump for the first time.

“You must have done it,” he said, going back and forth with Democrats.

Jeffrey Mandel, a lawyer representing the Mayor of Green Bay in a proceeding against the subpoena from Gableman, dismissed the report.

“It’s clear that Michael Gableman has adopted the most fringed and extreme argument presented by the electorate, but there seems to be nothing new in this report,” Mandel said. “This report and Gableman’s presentation are embarrassing. This process needs to be completed quickly.”

Biden defeated Trump A victory that has endured just under 21,000 votes in Wisconsin, recounts, proceedings in multiple states and federal proceedings, audits by independent legislative audit offices, and reports by conservative Wisconsin law and independent laboratories.

Associated Press Review Wisconsin and other fierce battle states have also found that there are too few scams to overturn Trump’s elections.

The report, paid for $ 676,000 in taxpayer money, initially expired in October, but the mayor and state and local election authorities have filed multiple proceedings to prevent the issuance of subpoenas. After that, it was postponed. Officials are willing to meet in public to discuss the election, but said they are not in a closed room with Gableman.

The proceedings are still pending, so Gableman said his investigation could not be concluded.

“Of course, we’re not done,” Gableman said. He said he was negotiating an extension of the contract.

Gableman said he has spent about $ 360,000 investigating and issued 90 subpoenas, but no one has talked to him about how to hold elections. ..

Republican lawmaker Robin Vos ordered an investigation of Gableman under pressure from Trump and conservatives who falsely believed that the Wisconsin elections had been stolen. Trump on Tuesday urged people to see a hearing in which Gableman presented the results of his report.

“I wasn’t thinking of any other goal to find the truth, and we don’t have it completely yet, but we’ve reached it,” says Gableman. I did.

Gableman recommended dismantling the Republican-controlled parliament’s bipartisan election commission, which was created in 2016, and called it “desperately incompetent.” Republican Governor Candidates are also campaigning to abolish the Commission, which is a move opposed by Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Republican legislative leaders.

In Gableman’s testimony, “I do not participate in any effort and do everything possible to stop all efforts to hold politicians responsible for deciding who wins or loses the election. I will do it. “

Gableman also said that the Zuckerberg-funded Tech and Civic Life Center’s $ 10 million or more grant to cities in Wisconsin was an illegal bribe and “broke out of unforgivable party voting efforts.” Said.

Over the past year, three courts, along with the Wisconsin Election Commission, have dismissed allegations that grants are illegal.

Gableman said he hopes lawmakers will use the recommendations of the report to enact changes before the end of next month’s session. However, Mr Voss said he did not expect action on the recommendations before the 2022 midterm elections, before it was expected to be the final day of the parliamentary session last week.

Congress did Pass the election bill package Last week was largely based on recommendations from nonpartisan audits. Evers is expected to reject them all.