Wisconsin Supreme Court nominee wants to open alcohol-serving gun range

Photo: John Hurt/Wisconsin Journal AP (AP)

Photo: John Hurt/Wisconsin Journal AP (AP)

I have important elections In April you may not have heard: Wisconsin Supreme Court There are four in a race that could tip over from a 4-to-3 conservative majority. It’s no exaggeration to say that whoever wins the race wins the state. Prohibition of abortion acquisition overturned It could influence the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. (His two candidates in this race for abortion rights are Justices Janet Protashewitz and Everett Mitchell.)

According to local news reportconservative candidate Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorough and her husband Brian gun range We not only host weddings and other events, but we also serve alcohol.couple requested class B liquor license Sell ​​beer and wine to members and guests at the “Clubhouse”. The range also sells firearms and accessories on site.the drows said city ​​documents They devised an “alcohol safety policy” consisting of hand stamps to prevent members from entering the shooting range after drinking, and a breath tester to be used on “suspicious individuals.”

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couple purchased Formerly the Heartland Sportsmen’s Club, it has been renamed the Delafield Oaks Range.of milkwaukee journal sentinel I got it For 2021, it says the club is no stranger to controversy. The outdoor patio of the Delafield Brewhouse about a quarter mile away.

Draw mentioned Obtained by Jezebel in project audio at the January Conference of Republican Women in Southeast Wisconsin. “Her husband and I actually develop cutting-edge products in Waukesha County. We bought her old Heartland Sportsman’s Club, and it’s just a small project we’re working on.”

Dorow’s campaign did not immediately respond to Jezebel’s request for comment.

Brian Drew is a former Waukesha City Police Superintendent who worked in the Trump administration as an Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.he defended The couple’s request for a liquor license from the Delafield Plan Commission in 2021. Clearly there is a separation,” he said. “You’re not shooting with a glass of wine. Load up your car with guns and ammo and come over for a social drink he or he two.”

City Approved Planning will begin in March 2022, with the Delafield Oaks Range initially scheduled to open by the end of the year yet.

of new york times report drow said on wednesday 2016 Supreme Court’s Worst Decision Lawrence vs Texasthe case of legalizing intimacy Same-sex relationshipShe was appointed by former Governor Scott Walker (R) and recently approved By Wisconsin Right to Life. Joe Osland, director of public affairs for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, said: statement “Anti-abortion extremists seem to have found an ally in Jennifer Dorough.”

There will be a primary on February 21st to narrow that field down to the top two candidates. Don’t say you weren’t warned, Wisconsin.

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