Wisconsin survey found “absolutely no” fraudulent elections

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — A Wisconsin judge said in a Republican-ordered investigation into the 2020 elections that “there is no evidence of fraudulent elections,” but disdain for the state’s public record law by the chairman. Clarified.With Robin Foss Former Supreme Court Judge He hired.

Valerie Bailey Lin, a circuit judge in Dane County, has given a liberal surveillance group, American Oversight, an attorney’s fee of approximately $ 98,000, and has filed one of four proceedings in the circuit court. I ended it with. Vos lawyer Ron Stadler said Vos recommended appealing the ruling.

The judge also stated that he did not give Vos any additional punitive damages, as the fees are paid by the taxpayer. Taxpayer costs Over $ 1 million due to investigations, including ongoing statutory costs.

“I think the people of Wisconsin have been well punished in this case. I don’t think it’s good for anyone to claim punitive damages from innocent people in this state.”

All American Oversight proceedings went to Vos and Michael Gableman, former Wisconsin Supreme Court judges hired by Vos in June 2021 to investigate the 2020 presidential election won by President Joe Biden. It originated from the record request. Voss ordered an investigation under pressure from election loser Donald Trump, who continues to falsely insist that Biden’s victory should be revoked due to widespread fraud in Wisconsin. It’s impossible And Vos repeatedly refused support.

Even Gableman’s lawyer said Revocation of certification was “meaningless”.

Biden’s nearly 21,000-vote win has endured recounts, multiple state and federal proceedings, audits by nonpartisan legislative audits, and reviews by the Wisconsin State Law and Freedom Institute, a conservative activist law firm. rice field. Associated Press Review Wisconsin and other fierce battle states have also found that there are too few scams to overturn Trump’s elections.

Vos and Gableman suffered a series of defeats at the circuit court level in an American supervisory proceeding.On the way, both Turns out to be insulted Because he refused to comply with the court order to submit the record. Bailey Lynn presided over his last hearing before his retirement and expressed his dissatisfaction on Thursday.

“This was a long and painstaking process to get here,” she said. “In reality, whatever the records were, they were destroyed or not kept. The problem with this court is that no one knows when those records were destroyed.”

State law requires lawmakers like Vos to keep records after a request for public records has been submitted. If there are no open record requests pending, you can delete the record.

Gableman in another case he Records deleted on a regular basis I thought he wasn’t part of the investigation.It brought American surveillance File a fourth proceeding Claiming their removal was against the law. That case, along with the other two cases, is still pending.

Next month’s judge was to consider whether Gableman met the requirement to revoke the previous insult order of not submitting records.When In another caseVos faced the August 4 deadline and submitted additional records requested by American Overview.

“The whole case is trying to shed light on the government,” Bailey Lin said. Early in Gableman’s investigation, he revealed that he was receiving $ 11,000 a month from taxpayers. He knows nothing about election law, so to learn about election law at the New Berlin Library. “

“We are all citizens of this state and this country, and we hope that the elections are fair and not contaminated by any kind of fraudulent elections,” the judge said. Of election fraud. “

She believes Vos and others are not obliged to comply with the state’s public records law, and she does not understand it, does not follow the Attorney General’s guidance, and leaves it to untrained people. Said that. The law to deal with it.

“That’s one of the things the citizens of this state have learned because of their disadvantages,” Bailey-Lin said.