Wisk will start testing its “air taxi” later this year

Wisk Cora

Wisk Cora

The last time we heard about Wisk was in February last year when it signed a memorandum of cooperation with New Zealand to carry out the actual flight test of unmanned flying taxis, but there is no set timeline. Now after a year of preparation, Wisk has finally announced that they will participate in the Airspace Integration Trials program in New Zealand and will begin test flights later this year. At the beginning of the test flight, it will not carry passengers, but will focus on collecting data for the integration test and demonstration of the automatic flight system and the airspace control system.

Wisk is a combination of Kitty Hawk and Boeing invested by Larry Page. The purpose of its establishment is to design Kitty Hawk Cora flying carCommercialization. Its CEO Gary Gysin said in a statement that New Zealand is particularly suitable for air taxi testing because its airspace is relatively empty and its acceptance of new technologies is high. The passenger test plan originally scheduled for Canterbury in the South Island has not changed, but while waiting for other tests, its launch time is still undetermined.

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