With big goals, Biden aims to regain trust in the government

Washington (AP) — As President Joe Biden preaches patience but acts urgently, his vision of the Oval Office’s power is rapidly taking shape and plays the scope of the government to confront the crisis of generations. It is modeled after the predecessor of the Democratic Party, which has expanded in size.

In recent meetings with historians and personal conversations with advisors, Biden aims to use the leverage of executive branch to create opportunities and break barriers. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lindon Johnson I paid attention to the example set by.

Unlike Roosevelt and Johnson, who enjoyed the formidable democratic majority in Congress, Biden had to work on an unacceptable edge in the fiercely partisan Washington.

Born shortly after Roosevelt’s New Deal policy, Biden, who first ran for public office behind Johnson’s great society, has long believed in government as a good tool. Today, the COVID-19 public health pandemic and the resulting economic genocide have put its philosophy under fundamental test, balancing Biden’s historical position.

He is willing to choose serious rather than gradual action and abandon the bipartisan Washington vision in favor of concrete results. Biden claims to resonate with Republican voters, if not elected officials.

Historian Michael Eric Dyson, who attended a recent session, said, “The president is clear about the crisis of democracy and will try to undermine American experiments if he is not careful to protect them. I was aware of the factors and powers to do so. ” “There is no doubt that the president is concerned about how we treat our fellow citizens, and we are keenly aware that the moral trajectory of the United States has made a difference in domestic and foreign policies.”

Biden signed a $ 1.9 trillion bill for two months after taking office. COVID-19 Relief Bill And last week I made a bigger proposal $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure and tax planning This is the first installment of a two-part legislative package aimed at rebuilding the American economy.

His team’s guiding principles are that the United States in a pandemic and parliament building to rebuild the economy in a fair way that shows that countries facing threats from dictatorships can still benefit their people. It means we have to overcome the riots of January 6th, for the hegemony of the world economy, including China.

“There are many dictators in the world who think that the reason they intend to win is because democracy can no longer reach an agreement, Biden said Wednesday when he announced his infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh.

“That’s the competition between America and China, and the rest of the world. That’s the basic question: can democracy still offer to their people? They win the majority Can you do it? “Biden continued. “I believe we can. We believe we have to.”

The president urged action despite a very narrow Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, a 50-50 split in the Senate, and Vice President Kamala Harris demanding a draw. Although the COVID-19 bailout bill was popular among voters from both parties, Republican lawmakers did not vote.

No Republican seems likely to support the infrastructure plan.

So far, the White House has refused to entertain the argument that parties often bother the president, who knows that the party will traditionally lose seats in the first midterm elections.

Biden’s bet on the latter is clear: voters ignore big price tags and reward concrete results such as vaccines, roads and broadband, while Republicans defend taxation that benefits ultra-rich companies. You will be forced to do so.

Nonetheless, the Democratic progressive forces that supported Biden’s election have already urged the president to grow even larger, calling for immediate action on gun control, immigration and climate change.

Biden wants patience and is keenly aware of the headwinds he faces in Senate arithmetic and some problems. However, the 78-year-old president also knew that his party’s retention in parliament was weak and urgently believed that it was time to regain confidence in the government of the vigilant people. I pressed.

Last week, Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi described Biden’s bet as “in the American tradition-think big.”

Biden has certainly turned to history for guidance.

A month ago, he gathered more than half a dozen historians in the White House’s East Room, each talking about why he succeeded the former president and what he has learned today.

For two hours, Biden asked questions and attendees said, reflecting his own political role model.

“This is clearly a president who loves history and has used all the history of his life and his career. He knows everything about 1933 and 1965. We have evidence of his entire career. I have seen. “

Biden’s infrastructure package goes far beyond the usual approach to roads and bridges to reach almost every region of the country. This is down payments for the fight against climate change, opportunities to undertake racial inequality, expansion of broadband, investment in manufacturing, and a shift in corporate tax to pay for everything.

The opposition will be fierce. Republicans are already opposed to that range and the taxes that cover it.

“This is a bold leftist regime,” said Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. “I don’t think the Americans have ordered them to drive the country to the political left.”

The White House said it welcomed the Republican opinion in developing the infrastructure plan, but as in the case of the COVID-19 aid bill, it is prepared to pass a simple plan using a legislative process called reconciliation. It suggests. The majority of the Senate, not the usual 60-vote threshold.

Actions on other democratic priorities, such as voting bills, may require changes or abolition of filibuster rules. Republicans warned of a dramatic move, but Senate institutionalist Biden signaled that he might support it.

“The country is in a place to do serious things, not mess around with the edges,” said Mike Donilon, senior adviser to the White House. I want to deal with it. He wants to deliver for the country and capture the moment in a serious way. “

Biden inherited a series of crises from his polarized predecessor, Donald Trump. This includes a new national assessment of race and equality and a pandemic that has killed more than 550,000 Americans and shook the economy. Biden told his adviser that the moment was more than a national test, a test of democracy itself.

He said China would be the clear international affairs of the United States over the next decade. It encourages the White House to spend heavily not only to compete in the global market, but also to slow the rise of dictatorships that sacrifice human rights for efficiency and expansion.

“The administration believes that in order to defend democracy abroad, it needs to deal with issues domestically. They need to be able to take a walk before talking,” the Council on Foreign Relations said. Said Richard Haas, who is responsible for. “The question it faces: can democracy provide a competent government?”


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