With immigration and voting rights, does Biden set Kamala Harris to fail in 2024?

She returned from talks on immigration policy in Mexico and Guatemala this week as Vice President Kamala Harris returned. Memo Vice President Walter Mondale sends his boss Jimmy Carter, 1976. “Defining an appropriate and meaningful role for the Vice President has been a problem throughout the country’s history,” Mondale wrote. “Customs and legislation have gradually changed the authority over more than 200 years, but generally speaking, the Vice President has played a role characterized by ambiguity, disappointment, and even hostility.”

What is Harris’s role? After a quiet start, President Joe Biden put her in charge of two of the most radioactive problems facing the United States: immigration and voting rights. It caused the following headings: “Biden handed Harris a political grenade“When”Kamala Harris can’t win

Given the portfolio in which Republicans have already designed offensive ads when Harris is nominated as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2024, the rational question is:

Harder job than anyone before her

Mondale Died in April at the age of 93He is often cited as a transformative Vice President for establishing his role as an advisor to President Carter and making him a true Vice President.Is Seven Vice Presidents Following Mondale Each played an expanded role in policy formulation and implementation.

In particular, Al Gore and Dick Cheney were powerful forces in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. And as Barack Obama’s next commander, Biden edited the packed portfolio and provided the topic for his own presidential election in 2020.

But Harris may be doing the toughest job of any modern Vice President before. She works for a 78-year-old president and I don’t think she’ll be asked for a second term. Harris is already a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2024, using everything she does and all the tasks she has been given as a source of political aggression. And the job isn’t exactly the runway. In 1988, George HW Bush First Vice President for over 150 years Selected to succeed the president.

Vice President Kamala Harris will board Air Force 2 on June 6, 2021 at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for Guatemala and Mexico.

Vice President Kamala Harris will board Air Force 2 on June 6, 2021 at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for Guatemala and Mexico.

Harris must wonder why he can’t do a competitive job, such as dealing with outer space. President John F. Kennedy has nominated Lyndon Johnson as Vice President. Chair of the National Space Council, Which George HW President Bush also nominated Dan Quayle..

Biden was not responsible for the universe, but Obama made him responsible for the universe. Cancer “Moon Shot”“Initiative-a role as indisputable as the Vice President’s previous role, except perhaps when Johnson nominated Hubert. Humphrey Chairman of the Presidential Council on Recreation and Natural Beauty..

While Harris is meeting with Guatemalan and Mexican leaders, the White House says her mission is not to solve the immigration problem at the US border, but to thousands of immigrants fleeing north from Central America and Mexico. Emphasizes that it is to address the root cause that is causing the White House. When Viden was Vice President in 2015 Obama held him accountable for a similar program Donated $ 1 billion to Central America. Immigration remains a nearly impossible challenge for both Democratic and Republican governments, so his efforts have been largely wasted.

Voting rights may be an unrewarding job

Just before her trip, Biden went to Harris Voting rights responsibilities – From state legislation and a wave of laws restricting voting, to the For the People Act passed in the House of Representatives, to the Democratic Party’s high-priority election reform bill facing a difficult battle in the Senate.

Harris for her honor Requested an allocation, According to the New York Times. However, many Trump voters said that the Democratic Party stole the last election. Democrats can’t lock in their senators To support the voting rights bill they consider important, Harris can hardly be expected to run for 2024 as the person who protected the vote.

Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Guatemala City on June 6, 2021 and walks with Guatemala's Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo.

Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Guatemala City on June 6, 2021 and walks with Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo.

Mr. Biden has served as president, modeled after the Obama administration. Obama gave the Vice President a daunting task, but it didn’t work exactly to pave the way for Biden’s presidency. In fact, Obama paved the way for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I did more to make it smoother.

Transformation Leader: Portraits of Kamala Harris and Lloyd Austin spur changes in the military and America

In a 1976 memo, Vice President Mondale quoted the observations of historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Vice President of the United States in a job Spectacular, I’m incredibly frustrated. “

Kamala Harris also seems to have to change history, as if it wasn’t enough to modify immigration and voting rights.

Peter Funt, writer and moderator of “Candid Camera,” is working on a book called “Playing Potus” about the sitting president’s television depiction. His memoirs “Self-interesting, ”Will be released in July.

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