With OK from experts, some states will resume using the J & J vaccine

New York (AP) — Green light from federal health authorities has led many states to resume using the one-shot Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus vaccine on Saturday. Among the venues where it was deployed is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Other states that ordered or recommended reopening with Indiana were Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Those moves came shortly thereafter U.S. health officials said Friday night What they were lifting 11-day suspension of vaccination Use the J & J vaccine. During the suspension, scientific advisors determined that the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the rare risk of blood clots.

“New York will immediately resume administration of the vaccine at all state-owned sites,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Saturday morning.

“Vaccines are a weapon that allows everyone to win the fight against COVID and return to normal. Three proven vaccines are freely available,” Cuomo told New Yorkers. I urged you to take something first.

“The sooner we are all vaccinated, the longer COVID nightmares we can have behind us,” he said.

The Indiana Health Department announced on Saturday that it will resume a free COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to provide J & J vaccines to people over the age of 18. The clinic will run until at least April 30th, and there will be family vaccination days where children aged 16 and 17 can also be vaccinated.

Dr. Chris Weaver, Chief Clinical Officer, Indiana University Health, said: The state of operating the Speedway Clinic.

By early afternoon, 1,415 doses had been given on the Speedway, according to the Indiana Department of Health.

Virginia health officials have also instructed providers to immediately resume use of the J & J vaccine.

“This special scrutiny should instill confidence in the systems being implemented to ensure the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Dr. Danny Avla, state vaccine coordinator. “Like other vaccines, we encourage individuals to educate themselves about potential side effects and weigh them against the potential for hospitalization or death from COVID-19.”

Avula received the J & J vaccine herself on April 1st.

Missouri officials made a similar announcement, stating that in-stock providers of J & J vaccines could start vaccination immediately and federal shipments would resume next week.

In Missouri, more than 105,000 J & Js were administered before the suspension.

In Michigan, where the local health sector plays an important role in vaccination decisions, the state’s chief health officer, Dr. Johnny Cardun, recommended resuming the use of the J & J vaccine.

In Los Angeles County, the country’s most populous county, public health officials told vaccine providers that they could resume receiving J & J doses on Saturday as long as they provided recipients with the latest fact sheets.

Dr. Paul Simon, chief scientific officer of the county’s public health service, said the county is working on developing additional material to explain the coagulation problem that caused the suspension.

They include “what we consider to be really important information about what to look for. This is also a sign and symptom when it is a very rare reaction,” he says. I did. “And emphasize that this is a very rare reaction.”

The federal government has found 15 vaccinated people who have developed a very rare type of blood clot in nearly 8 million people who have undergone J & J shots. All were women and most were under the age of fifty. Three have died and seven remain hospitalized.

But in the end, federal health officials decided that J & J’s one-off vaccine was important to combat the pandemic. He decided that a warning that would help young women decide whether to use the shot or alternative could address the small risk of blood clots.


Associated Press reporters from several states across the United States contributed to this report.

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