Witnesses can confirm that Matt Gaetz was said to have sex with a minor

Anna Money Maker

Anna Money Maker

According to him, on September 4, 2017 Confession letter, Joel Greenberg gave bad news to his friend Matt Gaetz.

Greenberg claimed that the teenagers both men paid to have sex were minors. Currently, two sources are telling The Daily Beast. Cooperating witnesses can see the details of the call for one terrible reason. He was in Greenberg’s office when the call was made.

Witness “Big Joe” Ericott — Greenberg’s longtime best friend and employee of the Seminole County Tax Office — recently Plead guilty Fraud and drug claims as part of a cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors.

Elicot has avoided accusations of underage sex trafficking, but Greenberg said. Plead guilty Until May last year, he attended Greenberg’s call to Gates on September 4. According to them, the phone was short and Gates ended it.

Bomb Letter: Gates was paid for sex with a minor, says Wingman

Sources did not know if Elicot had discussed the phone with the investigator, but his explanation would be very interesting as it is consistent with the important claims Greenberg made separately in the confession. .. The letter is now in the hands of the Federal Beast’s agent, The Daily Beast. clearly..

In a letter written after Greenberg was indicted in late 2020 as part of an effort to land a presidential amnesty, the Orlando region’s tax authorities said he, Gates, and others time. Greenberg first learned that she was a minor after receiving an “anonymous hint” on September 4, 2017, he writes. He then confirmed her age by improperly querying the personal information of a teenager in the Florida driver’s license database that he accessed as a local tax collector.

“Immediately I called Congressman to warn him not to approach him and let him know that she was a minor,” Greenberg wrote in a handwritten draft of the letter.

“I had no contact with this individual until the end of her 18th birthday,” he added.

A month after the Daily Beast’s report, the same date appeared in another important document: Greenberg’s Oath. Judicial transaction With the federal government. The agreement also provided something that could prove to be terrible additional details. This included not only the date, but also a time stamp up to 1:29 pm when Greenberg accessed the DMV database to find out the girl’s age.

Ellicott can connect two pieces of information.

If the investigator has a Greenberg phone record (or Gaetz’s phone record), the metadata can see if Greenberg made the alleged call immediately after accessing the database. But those records did not reveal what was said. Elicot was able to provide that information and confirm that Greenberg actually warned Gates, who was elected to Congress less than a year ago. (Federal Agent Panhandle Republican phone seized Around December 2020. )

Matt Gaetz Circle’s Florida Shock Jock Convicts

Contacted Wednesday, Elicot’s lawyer declined to comment. Gates’ office did not answer the question about how lawmakers remembered the phone, but instead repeated a previous statement. We continue to focus on the work that represents the Florida people. “

Elicot has been hanging out with a group of Greenberg’s friends for years. However, unlike Greenberg, the fact that former sports radio Shock Jock became the owner of a pawn shop was never intimate with Gates.

But Jericot’s confirmation, if true, would contradict Gates’ repeated claim that Gates had never had sex with a minor girl as an adult. As he told The Daily Beast Last March, “I was 17 when I last had a sexual relationship with 17.” Instead, Gates knew this fact almost throughout his time in the House of Representatives. Will suggest.

This claim would also question Gates’ protest that Gates was blind. New York Times beginning report The March 2021 accusation only attempted to blackmail him and his wealthy father. Since then, he has confirmed the investigation.

Greenberg claims to have warned Gates to “steer” the teenage Daily Beast. report Eight months after the alleged warning, Parliamentarian Venmo paid Greenberg $ 900 in two consecutive payments and wrote in one memo field “Hitup ___” using the girl’s nickname.

By that time, the girl had been five months past her 18th birthday. Gates turned 36 at the beginning of the week — twice her age.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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