Witnesses ignore older Asian women beaten and kicked in New York’s midday

After a 65-year-old Asian woman was helplessly beaten in New York City on Monday, bystanders ignored her and were hospitalized. The incident captured in the video occurred just before noon outside an apartment on 360 West 43rd Street in Midtown, Manhattan. New York Times.. A male suspect approached the victim, hitting her in the head and repeatedly kicking her before escaping the scene. The suspect is also said to have created anti-Asian sentiment, telling the victims, “By the way, you don’t belong here.”

Surveillance footage from the building next to the sidewalk where the victim was attacked shows that witnesses did not provide assistance. When she was hit on the ground, building guards closed the doors of the helpless victims. Victims on their way to church were sent to the hospital with swelling of the face and pain in the left leg. According to her, she is currently in a stable condition WABC..

The New York Police Department has released a surveillance image of a suspect who is said to be homeless. New York Daily News.. The case is being investigated by the department’s Hate Climb Task Force. Meanwhile, the owner of the building Brodsky organization The staff who witnessed the attack “We were suspended until the investigation was conducted in cooperation with their union.” A third-party deliveryman allegedly present at the time of the incident has also been identified. “Be able to take appropriate action.”

New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea Called for Attack “I don’t like it.” Just last week, officials Deployment of masked Asian officers To prevent further violence against the community. The Monday incident also prompted comments from the “crazy rich Asian” star Gemma Chan who called it. “It’s sneaky.” “Attack and guard omissions and victim door closures. These attacks are so common every day that I hesitate to share them, but people need to understand what’s going on. Keep raising and be careful of each other. ” Chan wrote on Instagram Position.. If you have information about the incident, please call NYPD Crime Stopper Hotline 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). Feature image via NYPD hate crime

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