Witnesses support the allegations that Congressman Matt Gaetz was said to have had sex with a minor in 2017, the report said.

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  • Witnesses told the federal prosecutor that Matt Gaetz was there when he was told he had sex with a minor, The Daily Beast reported.

  • Joe Elicot was in the room when Joel Greenberg telephoned Gates in 2017.

  • Elicot is among the few who are plea bargaining and cooperating in investigating sex crimes against Gates.

Witnesses confirmed to federal prosecutors that Matt Gaetz was informed in 2017 that he had sex with a minor, sources said. The Daily Beast..

In the letter obtained by The Daily Beast Last April, Gates associate Joel Greenberg said he and a member of parliament had found a girl engaged in “sexual activity.” I was 17 at the time..

According to the outlet, “I immediately called the House of Representatives, warning him to stay away from him, and letting him know that she was a minor,” Greenberg wrote. He added that Gates was “similarly shocked and confused by this revelation,” and “no more contact with this person until the end of her 18th birthday.”

According to The Daily Beast, someone else was in the room when Greenberg called Gates and gave him the information. Joe Ericott, Greenberg’s best friend and former employee of the Seminole County Tax Office. Both men Now cooperate Investigate Gates with a federal agent for sex crimes.

The decision to cooperate with Elicot could be bad news for the embarrassed Florida legislator, who has repeatedly denied fraud in connection with the investigation of sex trafficking.

“After almost a year of false rumors, fragments of evidence do not suggest that Congressman Gates is involved in cheating,” his chief of staff said. Told ABC News on Wednesday. “We continue to focus on the work that represents the Florida people.”

Among other things, Jericot and Greenberg reportedly Exchanged text messages Through the encrypted messaging app Signal, Ellicott disclosed that they “knew” the woman they were associated with. [the minor] I’ve been a minor, having sex with her, and they both went to see another guy. “

Greenberg pleaded guilty to sexual trafficking in May and agreed to fully cooperate with the government in other investigations. Jericot agrees to work together this week, Convict two federal crimesIn a case other than Gates’ investigation, ABC News reported a plot to distribute wire fraud and regulated substances.

No charges have been filed against Gates. However, some recent developments indicate that the survey is overheating.Above all, Gates’ ex-girlfriend Testimony in front of a federal grand jury Early this month. NBC News reported that the name Insider had been in talks with a former prosecutor for months to protect her privacy. Exemption was given in exchange for her testimony..

The NBC also said prosecutors are investigating Gates for three separate crimes. If he violates the Mann Act, which prohibits transport across state boundaries “for prostitution, prostitutes, or other immoral purposes.” And if he interferes with justice.

Investigators are said to be scrutinizing the tripartite call after the blockage investigation was initiated between Mr. Gates and another woman who was recording the call in collaboration with former federal authorities. There is. The NBC reported that authorities suspected Gates had interfered with the judiciary during the conversation. He denied the claim.

Elicot’s lawyer refused to comment on reports of his client’s cooperation agreement. Gates spokesperson and Greenberg’s attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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