Wolf Escape urges Greater Vancouver Zoo to stay closed for second day

The Greater Vancouver Zoo remains closed for a day after many wolves emerged from their enclosures in what the zoo suspects was a deliberate act.

The zoo, which has nine wolves and six cubs, has not confirmed how many have escaped or remain missing.

It first announced the closure on Tuesday morning via its Instagram and Facebook accounts and said it is still closed today.

The zoo released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying it suspected the animal’s escape, suggesting it was “malicious”.

It says it poses no danger to the public and is working with the BC Conservation Officer Service to “contain” the animals while the Langley RCMP investigates what they believe to be a case of trespassing and vandalism.

The environment ministry said on Tuesday that one wolf had been released, but said it had not provided updates, but those who saw the wolf should keep their distance and call 1-877-952-7277. and should be reported.

canadian press