Wolf Verates Pennsylvania Republicans “Use the Ukrainian Crisis to Enrich the Gas Industry”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe wrote a brief response to a letter from a Republican member of the Energy Commission, relaxed restrictions on Pennsylvania’s gas reserves, and market instability caused by the Ukrainian conflict. I urged you to alleviate the problem.

The largest natural gas reserves in the United States are located underground in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Pennsylvania also has over 100,000 active wells.

The March 1 letter was written by Congressman Darryl Metcalf, Chairman of the Environmental Resources and Energy Commission, and signed by 14 other representatives.

We are urging Wolf to encourage neighboring states to lift the ban on pipeline construction so that liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be shipped to the states of New England. The letter also calls on wolves to end the natural gas development moratorium in the Delaware River basin, but wolves have supported the moratorium in the past. The letter also encourages Wolf to support Pennsylvania’s abundant oil, gas and coal industries, which have the potential to fuel global energy needs.

“You must encourage the extraction and refinement of our resources to improve the free world. End your crusades against fossil fuels and the gift of energy and production at our feet. Please acknowledge, “the committee wrote.

Wolf sent a reply letter on March 3, and the Republican Party took advantage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the consequent humanitarian crisis to increase the profits of the natural gas industry and hinder actions to deal with climate change. He said he was doing it.

“I find your politicization of this tragedy sad,” wrote Wolf. He was unable to answer some of the details of his letter, including issues with the Delaware River basin. However, he listed some data from the US Energy Information Administration. The wolf said:

• The United States is a net exporter of natural gas, increasing exports of liquefied natural gas to Europe to record levels in the last few years.
• The United States is currently the largest source of LNG imports in Europe, supplying more than half of the LNG imported to the continent in January.
• Pure natural gas exports from Pennsylvania have nearly doubled since 2015, when Wolf took office, due to increased pipeline construction.

“Although we hold a Russian LNG tanker in our hands at the port of the United States, we need to be aware that the United States does not virtually import any form of natural gas from Russia. If you’re confused about what to do, it’s a good idea to check the actual data from the US Energy Information Agency, “Wolf said.

The Energy Information Agency has confirmed that the United States does not import LNG directly from Russia.

“LNG cargo imported from France and the United Kingdom into the United States in 2018-19 may have originally come from Russia,” a government spokesman told The Epoch Times. “These were officially recorded as imports from France and the United Kingdom. The source information for these imports is anecdotal because we have not tracked the original source of LNG imports.”

But the wolf never mentions oil in his letter. According to the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers website, in 2021, the United States imported an average of 209,000 barrels of Russian oil per day. Oil imports continue today.

Wolf is right that the United States is a net exporter of natural gas and is now a large source of European LNG imports. In 2021, the United States, Qatar and Russia combined supplied 70% of Europe’s total LNG imports.

But wolves can’t trust it. In 2017, when Donald Trump took office, LNG exports to Europe surged. Prior to that, Europe used very little LNG produced in the United States. Trump has worked to expand US LNG exports abroad.

“The United States no longer needs to import energy. With the abundance of American natural gas available, European allies no longer need to be vulnerable to unfriendly energy suppliers,” Trump said. He said in a January 2020 speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “We urge our European friends to take advantage of America’s vast supply and achieve true energy security. Leading by US companies and researchers, traditional fuels, LNG and clean. We have reached the limits of virtually unlimited energy reserves, including Cole, next-generation nuclear power, and gas hydrate technology. “

Wolf’s letter defends his record of the environment and hints that he is not in favor of his energy policy.

“I have taken steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify and strengthen the grid. This latest stop on climate change efforts by linking climate action to Ukrainian events. Efforts are just a continuation of your well-known conspiracy theory, “Wolf commented in Metcalf. “We are in an important import moment for the world. Now is not the time for narrow-minded ideologies and armchair energy professionals to take advantage of tragedy to benefit their benefactors. “

Mr. Metcalf said he was surprised that Wolf responded to the letter very quickly, as the letter from the Commission often took more than a month to receive a reply from the governor.

“His administration has worked many times to reach out to oil and gas companies with strict regulations to discourage investment, discourage production, discourage development, and he said the world. We were able to step up and work with the General Assembly to encourage more production of our oil and gas in need now. I am a country where Russia’s gas and oil must be used. It means that there is no excuse in any of the states, “Metcalf told the era.

“We have resources here in the United States as long as we can get people fighting to advance the science fiction perspective of Wolf, Biden, John Kerry, and what’s happening in the world. If they understand the reality, watch the news, and see all these people dying in Ukraine, they will fund the operation if Russia does not lubricate the war machines by selling energy. Couldn’t have provided .. “.

Beth Brelje


Beth Brelje is a research journalist who reports on the most interesting and sometimes hidden news in Pennsylvania’s politics, courts, and federal. Send her an idea for your story: [email protected]