Woman blames Kuomo for an unwanted kiss and provides a photo of the incident

Another woman accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of kissing her without consent, detailing the allegations and providing photos of the case at a press conference on Monday.

Sherry Bill of Greece, NY, said she kissed Cuomo while visiting her home in 2017 after being damaged by the flood.Bill and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, said they would notify the state attorney general. Letitia James Of the claim.

Allred said Kuomo “suddenly grabbed”. [Vill’s] I turned to her face and kissed her in front of her house during the visit. ” According to Bill, who is married, the governor told her, “You are beautiful.”

“I felt embarrassed and weird … I felt he was coming to me at my house,” Bill said. “I know the difference between innocent gestures and sexual gestures.”

Bill’s son took a video of the incident, and during a press conference, Allred showed him a picture of Cuomo kissing Bill.

Bill then added that officials invited her to an event with the governor, but other members of her family did not.

Bill made her claim after eight other women accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. Cuomo denied improperly touching women, but said, “Made people uncomfortable.. “

Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to detail her allegations against Cuomo, accused the governor of kissing her with her lips without consent.An unidentified woman claimed that Cuomo groped her under a blouse in an executive mansion, and current Cuomo aide Alyssa McGrath said the unidentified woman. Explanation A case of suspicion against her.

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