Woman deliberately drove to teens playing basketball

Greenville, North Carolina (AP) — A white woman in North Carolina has been accused of injuring one by driving a car into a garden where three black teenagers are playing basketball.

According to a news release from the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, lawmakers responded Sunday afternoon to reports that a child was intentionally hit by a car in Greenville.

According to a news release, Greenville’s Dyna Lenny Forest, 35, was threatening to drive three teens, waving a knife and cursing. According to the release, Forrest “intentionally removed the car from the roadway and partially directed it towards the yard to attack the children.”

According to the liberation, one teen was taken to the hospital for treatment, and Forest’s car damaged the front, which matched hitting a person. Sgt. Sheriff spokesman Lee Darnell said the injury appeared to be minor.

The agent said he searched her car and found marijuana, crack cocaine, and a knife.

Forrest was charged with three counts of deadly weapon assaults and a count of possession of cocaine for serious crimes. Prison records show that she was detained on Tuesday.

Forrest was identified as white in prison records, but Darnell said the three teens were black. Asked if race was a factor, he said, “I don’t think it was a racist crime.”

Darnell said he wasn’t sure if Forest had a lawyer who could speak for her. The messages left in Forest’s phone book were not returned immediately.