Woman says she wore a bikini to break Disney World’s dress code and get a free shirt, but her plan backfired

Spaceship Earth at Epcot in August 2021.

A woman named Heleni says she deliberately broke Disney’s dress code at Epcot to get a free shirt.Amanda Krause/Insider

  • A woman who deliberately broke the dress code at Disney World to get a free shirt.

  • She shared her experience on TikTok and said she was inspired by other viral videos.

  • In 2021, multiple women shared videos to get free shirts to cover their string bikini tops.

A woman who tried to get a free shirt at disney world by breaking theme park According to the dress code, her plan backfired.

Heleni passing by @Helleni official on TikTok, posted a video It shows her in the Epcot parking lot at Disney World on October 17. She was initially seen wearing a tank top tied under her breasts, but she took it off to reveal a tiny string bikini.

“Trying a TikTok hack at Disney World Orlando to get a free shirt,” she wrote in the clip, which was shown walking towards the entrance gate.

Heleni claims she was stopped by an employee who tried to get her to buy a Disney T-shirt to cover her bikini.

Her videos have over 6.4 million views as of Friday. Heleni did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

The “TikTok hack” that Heleni mentions in the video was not originally intended to be a hack.

In May 2021, a woman Amanda DiMeo Posted a TikTok She said she walked into Disney World wearing a shirt that showed her underboobsShe said she was approached by an employee and given a voucher to change into a free shirt.

DiMeo told an insider that she was unaware she was breaking Disney World’s dress code, which requires her to wear shoes, shirts, tops without ties, and “casual and family-friendly” attire. He also said that he had worn the same shirt at Disney World before.

However, she told Insider she was “happy” to get a free shirt out of the situation, and DiMeo took to TikTok to show her mistake as an opportunity for others to take advantage of. Her videos have over 31.2 million views as of Friday.

And in June 2021, a woman Alyssa Schuler posted a TikTok video about going through much the same situation as wearing a bikini-style top at Epcot. Her videos have over 6.2 million views as of Friday.

In an email to Insider, Schuler said he ‘didn’t know’ about Disney’s dress code Before the visit, she wore a shirt for hours before an employee approached her.

“I was with both my parents and my sister, and I was late for a dinner reservation for 2:15 p.m.,” she said. I wasted most of my day wearing a romper that only showed my torso and shoulders.”

Eventually, after more women started recording themselves, get a free shirtanother park fan in a similar situation said I was told to buy a new top or wear what I brought..

People who say they work for Disney have commented on a number of TikTok videos claiming the company stopped giving free shirts to people who broke the dress code after too many videos went viral. I’m here.

A representative for Disney World did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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