Woman shares hilarious story of how she saved a stranger from an unfair seat swap on an airplane


A TikTok user recently shared a hilarious story about how she lied to save another Asian female passenger from an unreasonable demand to switch seats during an airplane flight.

TikTok user @not.cristinayang went viral after sharing her hilarious story Last week’s videoIt has since been played over 2.2 million times.

In her video, a TikTok user explains that the story happened while she was on a plane from Hawaii to Seattle.

The travel time between destinations was four to five hours, so Yang says in the video that he was flying premium economy with free unlimited snacks and drinks.

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Yang sat in the window seat, but she said the Asian woman was Japanese and soft-spoken, and another female passenger was in the aisle seat.

During the flight, Yang recalled how a woman in an aisle seat suddenly turned to another Asian woman and asked her to switch seats with a friend who was sitting just down the aisle instead of in premium economy. remember.

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The person she was swapping seats with was a window seat, but the Asian woman had to give up free unlimited snacks, drinks and ample legroom for the swap.

So the woman next to me said, “Ah, change seats? Hmmm, oh, I see,” Yang says.

I was like, ‘Except for the fact that we are traveling together. Hi, we are both Asians. [can] I can smell the bathroom over there, no,” Yang says, recalling a lie he came up with on the spot.

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The woman looked at Yang, who slowly got up from her chair, and hesitated to accept the request of the other woman. remember.

I don’t know her name. She called her Connie for some reason and she sat down,” Yang admits in the video. “I think I was meaner than other women.”

In response to the change in circumstances, Yang says a passenger in row 26 was disappointed not to be able to sit with her friend during the flight.

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A 26-year-old woman was upset that she couldn’t sit next to her friend and said, “No, you guys aren’t traveling together.” You just made it up,” Yang says.

I looked at the Asian woman next to me and she started speaking in Cantonese, which seems like the wrong language for her, but she’s not Asian, so you wouldn’t know the difference.” added Yang. [and] She was like, “Yeah,” and then responded in Japanese. “

Yang looked up at the woman in row 26 who was still standing and said to her: “

Many TikTok users found Yang’s story interesting, and some praised TikTok for saving a woman.

This story is top notch,” commented one TikTok user. “I’m glad you stood up for her.”

You are definitely the hero of the story! I love this,” wrote another.

One user said, “Your coffee should always be hot, your drive should be green, and your parking lot should be closed.”

Somewhere in Japan, Connie is talking about a strange American friend who helped her out,” another user commented.

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