Woman who found cockroaches in husband’s food at Florida’s Slim Chicken says she had to fight manager to get refund

An image of cooked cockroaches as chicken fillets.

An image of cooked cockroaches as chicken fillets.haile kirkland

  • A woman found a roach in her husband’s chicken tenders at Slim Chicken on their wedding anniversary.

  • Haile Kirkland said she tried to deal with the issue “quietly” but had to fight to get a refund.

  • The restaurant owner emailed her an apology and asked her to remove the social media post.

A woman at a Slim Chickens branch in Pensacola, Florida, who found cockroaches in her husband’s chicken tenders had to fight the manager to get a refund.

Haile Kirkland, 30, went to the restaurant with her husband for an anniversary lunch on February 16 and had 2 Hungry Meals, which included 7 chicken tenders, 2 slices of toast and 2 side dips. He said he ordered one. According to the restaurant’s website.

“My husband put a piece of chicken that he started eating,” she said. I saw it cooked.

She told an insider they had already eaten half of the food. I want to speak quietly,” he added.

Kirkland said the manager was “extremely rude and unprofessional” and replied to her, “Yeah, it happens.”

She said she would have to fight the manager to get a refund.because she hasn’t heard back from her nor her company I decided to post the photo on Facebook.

Kirkland received an email on February 19 from restaurant owner Craig Hacklander, apologizing. rice field.

Hacklander offered her a gift certificate for Slim Chickens, but on February 25 asked her to remove the Facebook post because coverage of the incident “has hit our business hard.”

Business and professional regulatory departments visited the restaurant on Tuesday and found 16 more dead cockroaches inside. ABC series WEAR reportedRegulators found no violations at post-inspection.

Slim Chickens did not immediately respond to an Insider request for comment outside of normal business hours.

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