Women at the heart of allegations of sexual misconduct against Vance do not expect justice

Ottawa — A woman at the center of allegations of sexual misconduct against a former Canadian Supreme Military Commander says she believes retired General Jonathan Vance owns a gendarmerie investigating him.

Major Kelly Brennan told the House of Commons Commission Thursday that the former Defense Secretary believed he was “untouchable.”

During the bomb’s testimony to the status of the Women’s Commission, Brennan revealed that Vance had two children with her as fathers, but was not responsible for them.

She also said she provided physical evidence of an improper relationship between Vance and her to the Canadian Armed Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS). She said that Vence’s recordings instructed her to lie about their relationship, otherwise with threatening consequences.

Nevertheless, she said she did not expect justice to take place in her case.

“I frankly asked if CFNIS was authorized to investigate. They were authorized to prosecute and they did not answer me,” Brennan testified.

“As (Vance) told me, the answer was no because he was untouched and owned CFNIS.”

Brennan added, “I’m sure I won’t have justice. To be honest, what I say can change everything for other women to come forward and change our policy. Hopefully that’s fine for me. “

Brennan said he was asked by the Kempeitai in February about his relationship with Vance for two days, six hours at a time.

She told Global News that she had had a sexual relationship with Vance since 2001. Vance continued after becoming a superior, including after being appointed Secretary of Defense in 2015.

Vance has not responded to repeated requests for comments from the Canadian Press. He admitted to Global News that he had dated Brennan about 20 years ago, but denied an intimate relationship with her while she was under his command.

He has also been investigated on suspicion of sending lewd emails to junior officers before becoming head of defense staff.

The Kempeitai is also investigating Admiral Arthur McDonald, who temporarily resigned in February, about a month after becoming Joint Chiefs of Staff from Vance. The details of the claim were not disclosed, and McDonald’s did not publicly comment.

Brennan told the committee Thursday that Vance would tell her “what to say, what not to say, how to say, what to exclude, to purge himself, to lie”. He said he had instructed the investigator.

Asked if he threatened her, she said. No … if I didn’t obey his orders, he definitely gave me so many results. “

As an example, she said her wife, a lawyer, would ask, “For some reason, she will come to see me and ask me a question.”

“The result was always the same and I had to keep silent.”

Brennan said, “I didn’t have the ability to say no. They were orders.”

It was not clear why she was ordered by Vance after Vance was no longer the supreme military commander. He officially retired from the army in April.

Brennan said there was good reason to believe that Vance was beyond the law.

“In my experience, the law does not apply to him in many different areas,” she said.

“Personally, he had two children with me. He is not responsible for paying or holding those children his responsibility. It’s all up to me. So … so I think it’s just his habit. “

“Oh, my goodness,” replied Conservative lawmaker Leona Areslev. “It must be very difficult for you.”

Brennan also suggested that Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan is under the control of Vence. She claimed to have been the special project director for Downsview, a Canadian military base in Toronto under Vance’s command, while Sajan was there from January 2006 to the spring of 2008.

“Gen. Vance told me he was always in control,” Brennan said of Sajan.

However, Sajan testified that he had never been posted to Toronto. This is a fact repeated by a spokesman after Brennan’s testimony.

“He didn’t serve in Toronto, as the minister said on the committee,” Todlane said.

Sajan’s parliamentarian, Liberal, Anita Vandenbert, pointed out the discrepancy between Brennan’s testimony and Sajan’s testimony, but did not ask her to explain it.

Sajan has been accused of doing nothing more after then-military ombudsman Gary Wolborn first told him about allegations of sexual misconduct involving Vance in March 2018. I will.

Sajjan said Walbourne did not reveal the petitioner’s identity and referred the matter to the Privy Council Office, which was in dire straits when initiating the investigation.

By Joan Bryden