Women sue Netflix in a “Our Father” documentary revealing their secrets

Indianapolis(WXIN) — Two women out of about 100 children who became fathers without the consent of a former Indianapolis fertility doctor are suing the creator of the Netflix documentary “Our Father.” They say the movie revealed their secrets to millions of viewers without their permission.

According to the complaint, the unidentified plaintiff lied about the source of the donor and used his sperm to conceive an Indian woman in many secrets to the father of former fertility doctor Dr. Donald Klein. Two of the children. Dr. Klein’s lie, WXIN research revealedBecame more widely known after the release of “Our Father” on Netflix on May 11th.

The complaint alleges that neither the plaintiff nor his family knew he was Dr. Klein’s secret child until he had a DNA test at home in 2019. After learning of this shocking origin, both plaintiffs chose to keep their revelation private. Reveal their true origin.

Dr. Donald Klein will pay $ 1.35 million in the settlement of the donor brothers’ civil proceedings.What we discovered

According to the complaint, the creator of “Our Father” contacted some of the children and asked if they would like to take a picture with a camera or submit their own picture. The complaint states that the producer revealed that none of the secret children in the documentary would be identified without his or her explicit consent.

The complaint alleges that the producer wrote the following message: So … “

Despite this pledge, the complaint stated that both plaintiffs appeared in the documentary in a scene listing both names while stating that they were “matched” with a photo showing an image of the secret children. I am. The complaint further stated that some other secret children had blurred their photos and names, but this protection was not given to plaintiffs.

Reveal Dr. Klein’s lies: sit face-to-face behind “our father”

The complaint alleges that both Netflix and Blumhouse Productions are responsible for breaking the pledge and identifying the plaintiff, even though neither has provided consent. The complaint states that the plaintiff caused “serious harm” by revealing it. This includes, but is not limited to, “reputation wounds, pain, embarrassment, trauma”.

Clips from the scene identifying the plaintiffs were also used in social media accounts, the complaint said, and revealed their identities to hundreds of thousands.

Both women seek monetary compensation in the form of damages.

You can read the following complaints.

Our Father-Documentary-Proceedingsdownload

Our Father-Documentary-Proceedings 2download

WXIN is seeking comments from Netflix and filmmakers.

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