Women win fishing trips in Pennsylvania church raffle — but said it’s “men only”

Emmy Smaniot has been attending a wild game dinner with her father for the past six to seven years at the Bethel Baptist Church in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

“Until last night, this is The best event to attend“She wrote in a Facebook post.

However, Smaniot is suffering from this event. That’s because she won the bow fishing trip with a raffle — but she said she wasn’t a man and was denied the prize.

At the end of Saturday’s dinner, participants had the chance to put their raffle tickets in a bucket and win various raffle prizes, according to Smaniot. One award was a bow fishing trip to Ohio.

“Guest Rev. said,’Keep my wife at home,’ and said there would be a man-only fishing trip to seize the chance to win. Okay — is this a joke? “Smaniot wrote.

After seeing another woman do the same, she added her ticket to the bow fishing bucket.

When it was time to portray the winner of the bow fishing trip, the speaker first painted the names of the other women, but soon withdrew her victory, saying, “This is the only trip for men, sorry women.” Said Smaniot.

Smaniot’s name was drawn second, but she also declined the award.

Mr. Smaniot said it didn’t make sense.

“Why is this a” man only “travel? She wrote. “This is a church. Everyone is made equal. I paid $ 10 to attend like everyone else, but I don’t have the same privileges.”

In a statement to the Bethel Baptist Facebook page, Rev. Brian Kelly explained: The church offered a door prize It was available to all participants, but the fishing trip was donated by a third party who stipulated that it was for men only.

“Many pastors, including myself, living in an era of sexual scandals and accusations are individuals who do not put us in a position where we can cause false accusations and thereby cause many problems. “Men only,” he said in a statement. “It was a matter of personal standards and protection, with no intention of discrimination.”

According to Kelly, the speaker announced that the trip was for men only while the raffle tickets were being collected.

“Unfortunately, at least two women put the card in the container for some reason, but the rules were given twice, named for the published rules, and declined,” he said. Told.

Kelly went on to apologize to Smaniot, but said he had no luck contacting her.

“I sit down and talk with them, express my heartfelt apologies, and explain all the information more clearly is our lack of communication, and think more clearly about things as we do not. I want to guarantee that it is a lesson learned. I will make the same mistake again. “

He added that the person who donated the award also offered to fish for Smaniot and her father.

But Smaniot said he wasn’t interested.

“I will never participate Fishing trip With anyone in the church. I’ve been rejected once, so I don’t want a disappointing prize. I want equal rights, “she told WTAE.

“They imply that women always blame them for sexual scandals. If they were afraid of this, to prevent this, so to speak, multiple women must attend the trip. Maybe we should have made a rule that we had to, but they didn’t, “she added. “If the woman won, I couldn’t even discuss the details of the trip. I will do whatever it takes to take part in such a trip.”

McClatchy contacted Smaniotto and Bethel Baptist for further comment.

Union Town is about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.