Women’s rights journalist Julie Bindel vows to sue council for canceling transgender events


Journalists are suing the Nottingham Council after a town councilor cancels her talk at the library because of her view on transgender rights.

Julie Bindel said the Nottingham Council “doesn’t know what they did” and “started a fight that they didn’t think they could win.”

On Saturday, Bindel was invited to the Aspley Library by the Nottingham Women for Change group to talk about male domestic violence and the heightened threat of rape.

Bindel is a co-founder of JusticeForWomen, an organization that supports and defends women who “fight or kill violent men.” She also What she calls “trans-radical tyranny”.

“I have decided to cancel my reservation.”

Nottingham Council posted a statement Cancellation of the event by Adele Williams, Deputy Leader of the Council, and Neghat Khan, Portfolio Holder for Neighborhood, Safety, and Inclusion.

“This is because the speaker’s view of transgender rights conflicts with aspects of the council’s equality, diversity and inclusive strategy,” he said.

“This was a personal reservation at the Asprey Library by the’Nottingham Women for Change’group, and all ticket sales and marketing for the event were done independently without input from the council,” they wrote. increase.

“We knew this event would take place from a feminist perspective, but the information about the speaker’s views on transgender rights did not draw the attention of library services,” they added.

“If I noticed this, I decided to cancel my reservation. Nottingham is a comprehensive city, promising to support the LGBT community as a council and to support transrights as a human right through Stonewall. We use one of our library buildings for this event during Pride Month, a view held by speakers flying in the face of our position on transgender rights. I didn’t want to be seen as implicit support for, “said the councilor.

Bindel then refuted the accusations that she was “negotiated and transphobic” in the editorial. Sunday email The title was “Why are you suing the council for bullying me and trying to silence me?”

“On behalf of all the women who are told to be silent and quiet, I take the council to court during the worst misogyny backlash I have witnessed in my life,” she said. Told.

She said, “They have discriminated against my basic rights as women and as lesbians. They have erased my freedom of speech and severely hurt me. Because of this they paid. Will be done. “

“I couldn’t think of giving up.”

According to Bindel, the event took place in an outdoor parking lot, but a small group of transgender protesters shouted at her for abuse.

LGBT charity Stonewall is increasingly being scrutinized for its profitable diversity program, controversial advice to the organization, and suspicion of its impact on public policy.

“The obvious fact that women don’t have penises is automatically an exaggeration to Stonewall’s eyes,” Bindel added.

“The Nottingham City Councilors don’t understand what they did. By illegally banning me from speaking in one of their libraries, they can win me. I started a fight that I couldn’t believe, “she wrote.

“I couldn’t think of giving up. With all the tickets sold, there were dozens of women who wanted to know how to join a campaign to end rape and domestic violence.” She added.

Lily Zhou contributed to this report.

Owen Evans


Owen Evans is a UK-based journalist who covers stories from a wide range of countries with a particular interest in civil liberties and free speech.