Women’s rights were sidelined after neo-Nazis hijacked event and grabbed national media attention


The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) supported a women’s rights rally against transgender in sport after it was hijacked by neo-Nazi protests.

Attended by fewer than 15 participants, the protest became the focus of national media coverage over the weekend, effectively masking ongoing concerns about biological men intruding on women’s spaces and sports. rice field.

in a Facebook post entitled “Nazis smashed women’s rally,” said AJA supporters who said Victorian police had failed a March 18 “Let Women Speak” rally.

The AJA condemned the protesters’ actions and questioned the police’s “strange” decision to force them to join the rally.

A Jewish group posted a link to a video showing Melbourne police deterring a transgender activist and a group of men marching and performing Nazi salutes.

“Victorian police held back transgender activists who arrived to disrupt rallies, but they didn’t do the same to the Nazis,” AJA said. appeared to facilitate entry into areas where women’s gatherings were held.

“The chaos caused the women’s rally to disperse early. Many say the police should have stopped the Nazis.”

AJA said it had been contacted by the organizers of the women’s rally and knew it had nothing to do with the Nazis.

“It is shameful that some politicians and the media are trying to smear this women’s movement with false accusations of involvement with the Nazis,” they said.

“AJA unconditionally condemns the Nazis for invading the rally. These ugly thugs may have seen an opportunity to hijack the event for their own promotion.”

The Nazi protests have been condemned by the organizers of Let Women’s Voices Go, including Victorian liberal MP Moira Deeming, who said on Twitter that she was disappointed in the state police.

“m Disappointed @Victoria Police, put a bunch of masked men into the LWS buffer zone and frightened a woman who had just tried to talk about her rights. The police managed to stop the TRA horde, but they managed to get the masked men past us and all they could do was give a terrible Nazi salute,” she said.

Deeming could be expelled from the Liberal Party for her participation.

Meanwhile, Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) statement The police declared that they were focusing on trans activists at the rally.

“MALS did not consider or uphold a number of mandates for Victorian police to prevent discriminatory or prejudice-motivated behavior against transgender and gender-diverse people in their crackdown on Saturday afternoon rallies. It claims that

“In fact, MALS observed that the crackdown itself constituted biased and discriminatory behavior on the part of the Victorian Police.”

Arrested, footage reviewed

The Epoch Times has contacted Victoria Police.

Instead, a spokesperson said the Spring Street protest would involve at least six groups and police would have to take steps to prevent clashes from occurring.

“Some of these groups failed to negotiate with police prior to the protests or changed plans without notice, leading to multiple clashes between opposition groups,” Victoria Police said in an email. It is possible,” he said.

“As a result, officers had to form many lines between different groups to keep everyone involved safe, stop the violation of the peace and prevent physical violence.”

Police said three protesters were arrested. Among them were her 22-year-old Pointe Cook man who allegedly pinned a female cop to the ground with a headlock, and her 23-year-old Thornbury woman who allegedly slapped a cop. is included. A neck, and a third individual from Preston, were arrested for unlawful assault.

They also said they would “review CCTV, body-worn camera and social media footage to determine if further crimes have taken place.”

Women’s Rights Ignored by Media and Political Parties

Meanwhile, Australian media and political parties have faced criticism for their handling of women’s rights rallies.

Giggle founder Sall Grover and former Liberal Party candidate Katherine Deves said women’s voices are being silenced.

grover The only group that has benefited from media coverage is trans activists.

she too called of the Liberal Party move to banishment Victorian MPs see it as a betrayal of Victorian voters.

“‘Every Victorian should know that the Liberal Party is inclusive and can be their voice,'” he said. @Liberal Victoria They banish women because they know what women are, thereby silencing women’s voices.

Meanwhile, Deeves, a women’s rights advocate, criticized the Liberal Party for not supporting women.

“All we wanted to do was talk about our lived experiences as women. Why are women punished for this? Why?” she wrote on Twitter.

The Victorian government is now moving to ban the Nazi salute.

The Epoch Times has reached out to the Liberal Victorian Party for comment.