Workers want quarantine hubs in all states

Despite the state government’s proposal for facilities outside the capital, the hotel continues to accommodate most people entering Australia, so workers are given the federal government a dedicated quarantine center for each state and territory. Is demanding to be established.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese called on the Morrison government to build and operate a purpose-built quarantine hub in all jurisdictions.

“The hotel is built for tourism, not for medical quarantine,” Albanese told reporters in Sydney on Friday.

Victoria is the latest state government to ask the federal government to support a dedicated facility at the northern end of Melbourne.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton dismissed the request as political smoke and a mirror, and the federal government was expected to round up $ 200 million after a $ 15 million state donation.

Albanese said Prime Minister Scott Morrison was happy with the quarantine. Quarantine, along with vaccines, was essential to economic recovery.

“Sufficient,” said a Labor leader.

The Northern Territory’s Howard Springs mine camp has been used to accommodate people returning home on return flights from abroad.

Joint federal and territorial operations have increased its capabilities from 800 to 2000, but the federal government has so far rejected similar centers in other parts of Australia.

Queensland and Western Australia are proposing regional quarantine hubs to prevent hotel leaks from blocking and spreading the virus.

State and territory leaders were expected to quarantine with Morrison at the National Cabinet meeting on Friday.

At the beginning of the week, the Prime Minister defended the hotel’s success.

“The success rate of containing violations in the hotel’s quarantine network is 99.99%,” he told Darwin reporters.

“Now I think it’s a pretty impressive statistic. We aim to keep it.”

The federal opposition also wants the government to uphold national standards for quarantine, as recommended in the October review.

“I don’t know why the Prime Minister constantly asks for reviews and ignores them when they receive them, and sometimes keeps those reviews secret,” Albanese said.