Working from home did little to help close regional disparities in the UK, the report found.

The report found that the pandemic transition to telecommuting has done little to bridge the gap between the rich and poor regions of the country.

The Foundation found that the change was not transformative, despite the initial claims that working from home could help “level up” the UK and restore a balance of economic equality.

In reality, the report found that while the underprivileged areas of the country are suffering, the prosperous areas are most benefiting from the shift to working from home.

According to think tanks, the poorest and most ethnically diverse regions around London, such as Newham and Harringay, saw the weakest employment growth in the country.

Cities such as Manchester, Newcastle and Norwich are also estimated to have dropped out of the new trend of working from home.

Wealer areas such as London’s Richmond Apontems and Merton, Kent’s Bromley, Essex’s Rochford, and East Cambridgeshire have seen more telecommuting employees and higher consumer spending.

Working from home can boost the economy if workers spend more in their local area, but abandoned offices also reduce spending and weaken the economy elsewhere. ..

However, increased employment in areas such as northeastern England, where employment rates were low in the past, indicates that the employment gap in the country’s regions has narrowed slightly.

Larisa Try, a researcher at the Resolution Foundation, said:

“But many of the deprived parts of Outer London are struggling and WFH [work from home] The revolution has primarily benefited areas that are already prosperous, and Britain’s large economic inequality remains established.

“This makes the task of’upgrading’the country increasingly difficult and even more pressing. “

The government’s full plan paid 80 percent of the wages of the 11.6 million people who were unable to work during the blockade. According to the report, it helped to highlight the labor market.

In the meantime, for the first time since the record began, there are more free jobs than the unemployed who can do it.

However, the Resolution Foundation has suggested that a pandemic will have a lasting impact on the housing market rather than the labor market.

House prices rose nearly twice as much as major cities between February 2020 and 2022, up 22% and 12%, respectively, according to researchers.

This helped balance the regional home price gap, as cheaper homes increased costs faster than higher-value homes.

Researchers said average rents are currently rising most rapidly in London. This means that the escape from the city seen during the pandemic may now be reversed.

Try adding it. “The pandemic has affected every part of Britain in different ways. Due to the blockade of the real estate market and the” space race, “some people have declared the death of the city and the revitalization of the village.

“When Britain finally got out of the pandemic, the early signs were that the COVID-19 crisis couldn’t hurt Britain’s economic geography, but the great spatial inequality that plagued Britain before the pandemic. I couldn’t even relieve it. “

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