Working on the number of Afghan refugees accepted by the UK: Foreign Minister


Britain is working on a number of Afghan refugees to be accepted as it prepares to escape following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said Monday.

Asked for an estimated number after the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms meeting, Mr. Raab told reporters that the government is currently considering it.

“We are clearly a broad-minded country. We have legal asylum standards,” he said.

“We are working with the United Nations on that. We are very careful about what further commitments we may make.”

“Everyone was surprised at the scale and pace the Taliban took over in Afghanistan,” Rab told reporters, “a lesson we all have to learn.”

He added that the current focus should be on evacuating the British people and their Afghan allies abroad.

Earlier on Monday, Defense Minister Ben Wallace told Sky News that he believed that “a significant influx of migrants would flow around the world,” adding that Turkey has already dealt with a “significant influx.”

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told the BBC on Sunday that he would not retaliate against those who worked for the Western Army, as many were reportedly threatened. His promise was deeply skeptical.

Wallace said the Taliban’s political leadership is aware of the “lessons learned in 2011” that accepting terrorists and running the nation led to poverty, migration, the refugee crisis and the collapse of the administration. .. Therefore, “they are responsible” to keep their promises.

Wallace said Britain is working with allies in the region, including Qatar and Turkey, to stabilize the situation.

Defense Commission Chairman Tobias Ellwood said the number is likely to be at least “tens of thousands.”

“The withdrawal from Afghanistan is currently causing a major immigration crisis and we need to consider policies regarding the acceptance of asylum seekers from Afghanistan,” he previously served as minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry. Former soldier Elwood said.Of defense, said Politics Home..

“Focusing on what Canada and Germany have done, all NATO member states participating in Afghanistan need to work together to coordinate their efforts to promote. [the] The arrival of hundreds of thousands of families fleeing the country. “

Elwood said he expects at least “tens of thousands” to enter Britain, but Britain does not want to be involved in the “bid war” of Afghan refugees by specifying numbers too early. Added.

“Given where we left the country, every country involved has an obligation and an obligation to provide a safe haven,” he said.

The UK is currently struggling to evacuate British citizens and qualified Afghan countries from Afghanistan.

Wallace said some “significant” Afghans have managed to leave the country in the past few weeks and are in refugee camps around the world.

“We’re going to handle them wherever we are, and we’re going to keep doing that after we go … we’ll do everything we can to bring in as many people as possible.” Wallace said.

Lily Zhou