World Swimming Bans Transgender Athletes from Women’s Events


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Duterte’s daughter becomes vice president of the Philippines

Story: “The days to come may be full of challenges for us to be more united as a nation,” she said in her inaugural address in her hometown of Davao, where her parents stood next to her and vowed to take office. Was set up. Duterte Carpio, 44, was the running mate of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who also won the elections on May 9 and became president of the country on June 30, when his six-year term began. The name of the disgraceful dictator, driven from power in the 1986 uprising, also attended the inauguration ceremony attended by relatives, allies and supporters of Duterte Carpio. Many allies are running on a message of unity that has also helped them win parliamentary and local legislative seats. Like her father, Duterte Carpio was trained as a lawyer before entering politics in 2007, when he was voted as Deputy Mayor of her father in Davao. 1,000 km (600 miles) from the capital Manila. She initially wanted her to be a doctor, but instead she pursued her political career and she took over her father in 2010 to become Davao’s first female mayor. .. Decide to listen to the call for service and the call … I believe the country is heading for a future of hope, security, strength, stability and progress. “・ Carpio said. ..