World War II plane sinks into the sea during a Florida air show

World War II era plane crashed during an air show on a beach in Florida (Melanie Schroeder)

World War II era plane crashed during an air show on a beach in Florida (Melanie Schroeder)

A World War II plane crash landed in the sea during an air show in Florida on Saturday.

The plane was part of the Cocoa Beach Air Show and made an emergency landing near Patrick Space Force Base southeast of Orlando.

Authorities No injuries During the incident. A video posted on social media shows an airplane, single-engine TBM avenger making a “soft” landing in shallow water.

The video shows the plane flying near the surface of the water before the front propeller stops and slowing down as it slides across the surface.

Melanie Schroeder from Augery Florida Today: “He was scattered on the beach and I thought,” He doesn’t hear well, “so I just started shooting. “

She added: [the pilot] At the last moment I pulled it up to avoid the crowd and there were a lot of people on the water and I saw him on the plane. He seemed to be fine. “

Brevard County fire and rescue authorities said the pilot refused treatment after landing. He was not identified.

Cocoa Beach Air Show officials statement: “There was a mechanical problem with the TBM Avenger playing in the Warbird Parade, which allowed the pilot to bring the plane closer to the shore. The rescue workers were immediately on the scene and the pilot was okay.”

The TBM Avenger is a torpedo bomber used by the US Navy during World War II. According to the Cocoa Beach Air Show website, the plane was extensively repaired before it was used.

According to Florida Today, the plane was used by the Forestry Department as a fire bomber in Davis, California from 1956 to 1964.

According to the Variant Air Command website, firefighters from the Georgia Forest Commission were also used.


Brian Relay, chairman of the air show, told Florida Today: “I watched a video of it — and it just made me think about what Sally did on the Hudson River.”

Lily mentioned an emergency landing in New York City in 2009. All 155 passengers on US Airways Flight 1549 survived after pilot Chesley “Sullenberg” Sullenberger landed the plane on the river following a bird strike with both engines disabled. The incident later became a movie starring Tom Hanks as Sally.

Lily added: What skills the pilot has. “

Lily said the rest of the air show schedule would not be affected by the incident.

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