“Would you like to take off your clothes?” G7 leader joke

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G7 leaders meet during a missile strike in Kyiv

Story: When a Russian missile exploded in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday, G7 leaders (seven rich democratic groups) gathered for a summit in Germany. US President Joe Biden has accused Kieu of the strike. “A small part of this savagery.” As Europe’s largest land conflict since World War II entered its fifth month, the Western Union supporting Kyiv began to show signs of tension, and leaders said. I am indignant at the increase in economic costs. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the West to maintain unity. “As you know, this is something we deserve to stand up with, and it should not be a violent invasion of a free and independent sovereign state like Ukraine, and it should not change its boundaries by force. At the beginning of the meeting, the four countries moved to ban Russia’s import of gold in order to increase the pressure on sanctions on Ukraine. The Ukrainian conflict that began on February 24 has caused global energy and food prices to skyrocket. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said these issues also came to mind. All members are concerned about slowing growth in some countries, rising inflation, shortages of raw materials and the danger of disruption in supply changes. These are not small challenges, he said. G7 leaders have also resumed initiatives to fund the infrastructure needed in developing countries. US President Joe Biden: “Today we have officially launched a partnership for global infrastructure and investment. We have already undertaken dozens of projects around the world, with the United States publicly and publicly. We are proud to announce that we have mobilized $ 200 billion in private. The next five years of capital for that partnership. ‚ÄĚThis group has $ 600 billion in private and public for this initiative in five years. I promised the money. The move was aimed at countering China’s old trillion-dollar Belt and Road project.