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Top Kremlin mouthpiece warns of “unavoidable” war with the United States over another Ukrainian land acquisition

ALEXEY NIKOLSKY Full-scale cyber warfare, national power outages, targeted turmoil in Internet services-for one of the Kremlin’s top propagandists, all of these tactics are in her fateful war with the United States. It’s a fair game in saying that there is. “war [with the U.S.] Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russian media outlet RT and Sputnik, has declared that he believes a conflict will occur when Vladimirputin moves to seize more territory from Ukraine. Proponents of the Kremlin, the gateway to Ukraine, have called for more obvious attacks and bloodshed in a campaign to annex the Donbas region of Ukraine. They say that the only obstacles are US support for their needy neighbors. NATO issued a statement on Wednesday calling for the suspension of Russian military movements at the border with Donbas, a conflict area in eastern Ukraine. This is the largest Russian military buildup since the 2014 Crimean annexation. The United States emphasized its statement this week by deploying two warships in the Black Sea. On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov threatened retaliation. “We warn the United States that we should be far from the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea coast. It will be for ourselves,” he said. The escalation was foreseen on a Sunday night on state television with Vladimir Soloviev over the weekend. Simon Yang explained that it was time for Russia to prepare for a confrontation with the United States, a kind of war caused by hacking, forced interruptions in Internet access, power outages, and a total attack on the United States. Was predicted. “I don’t think this will be a big war like World War II, and I don’t think there will be a long Cold War. It will be a third type of war, cyber warfare,” Simon Yang said. It was. She then speculated that Moscow could force a power outage in Harlem, Florida or New York simply by switching it on. “In a regular war, we were able to beat Ukraine in two days,” Simonyan said. A kind of war.We do it and then [the U.S.] Responds by turning off the power [the Russian city] “Voronezh,” she said. The top RT editor insisted:[Russia] We need to prepare for this inevitable war, and of course it starts in Ukraine, “the Kremlin claims,” ​​invincible when it comes to regular wars, but forget about regular wars … it will be an infrastructure war. ” Her solution consists of Kremlin-type measures to eliminate “vulnerabilities” towards another escalation, emphasizing the need for a government-controlled internet to prevent hacking. “We don’t have a sovereign internet yet, but God is happy to do so,” she said. She sincerely supported the proposal from Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the ultra-nationalist leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. By May 1, 2021. The Kremlin seems to be well on its way as imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navarney suffers from serious health problems after a starvation strike and refusal to treat him properly. Putin’s opposition is incapacitated — she argued that it could happen in the coming months — the Kremlin is finally ready to annex the eastern region of Ukraine. The vulnerability needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Then you can do whatever you want, “she boldly declared. The organizer, Vladimir Soloviev, sincerely agreed, “If you don’t do anything, you won’t lose.” He argued that by absorbing part of Ukraine, or the entire country, Russia could move America’s influential territories further away from the border. As one of the Kremlin’s most valuable advertisers, Margarita Simonyan is famous for being close to the Russian President. He has received multiple awards directly from Putin. After receiving such an award in 2019, Simon Yang thanked Putin for “the most important reward in life … this honor to serve his country.” Her “service” includes RT and Sputnik-led disinformation operations aimed at influencing the 2016 US presidential election. Russia’s recent cyberspace activity seems to serve as a good practice for the “unavoidable war” foreseen by Simonyan. Last year, six Russian intelligence agents were charged with criminal charges. The United States used the world’s most devastating malware to force Ukraine to power outages, damaging critical infrastructure in multiple countries and costing nearly $ 1 billion. On Monday, Russian-based hackers targeted a French homeschooling platform. The Kremlin is ready to intensify its attacks on the West, but is afraid of subsequent retaliation. The idea of ​​the bulletproof “sovereign internet” is completely under government control within the Russian border and is already on the books. Moscow has introduced this idea as a precautionary measure against attempts to hack retaliation from other countries. Simonian argued that Russia would definitely be possible. He abused US “catastrophic” educational standards and called US military analysts and experts incompetent and stupid. She laughed heartily at the news that more than 200,000 US service members experienced hearing loss due to earplug defects. [Americans]Instead, Russia argued that Russia could easily defeat the United States in a cyberspace war, adding with ridicule that “we don’t even need nuclear weapons.” Your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.