WWE Star Lynch balances maternity and beatdown is approaching rumble

Rebecca Quin may have met her match for the toughest enemy ever. Bianca Bereal and Liv Morgan? No, I was defeated and abandoned the depth chart. Ric Flair? It’s not perfect, but mainly because it’s a one-sided old man screaming at the clouds by the Nature Boy.

understood, Ronda Rousey?? Hey, if the former UFC champion Lynch pinned in WrestleMania in 2019 wants a rematch, specify a date-for example. First weekend of april In Dallas-and it’s on.

Wrestling fans are waiting for the match.

However ” Only for women Lynch says she could rob her of the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. She is her 13-month-old daughter Lou.

She is the WWE version of ” the man She piled up video game covers, red carpet poses, and crossover opportunities at a faster pace than her winning streak, but as she grew older with a professional wrestling door burst for a woman. I was kicked pretty hard by Lynch who came back as a mom who wanted to show her toddler.

“One day, if my little girl wants to do this, she has no restrictions,” she said.

This working mom still has some beatdowns.

“We want to have a better match this year than last year,” she said. “And this year we’re talking to more people than last year. One is myself, two are always looking to promote this business and the women that follow me.”

Lynch defends the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in one of Saturday’s marquee matches at WWE’s Royal Rumble at Dome, St. Louis, Missouri. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are on the card. So is Johnny Knoxville, the “Jackass” star. Don’t be surprised if the rapper Bad Bunny appears.

Of course, the main attraction is the men’s and women’s rumble, where 30 players in each match try to be the last wrestler standing to win the title shot at WrestleMania.

Lynch won the rumble in 2019 and advanced to the main event WrestleMania in a triple threat match that included Rausie that year. The 34-year-old Lynch won the title this year against the Dow Drops. Her husband, star Seth Rollins, is fighting the reign for the WWE SmackDown Championship.

Lesner will play WWE Belt against Bobby Lashley, and Edge and Beth Phoenix will wrestle with Mizu and Maryse in a mixed-tag couple’s match. Edge won the rumble last year.

Considered one of WWE’s greatest performers of all time, 48-year-old Edge knows a bit about returning from a break.Canadians Diagnosed as cervical spinal canal stenosis He made a tearful retirement speech in an episode of WWE’s flagship television show, “Live,” and was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame, opening up a successful niche as an actor.

And he was away from his life as a Rated-R superstar.

“I haven’t seen it for a while,” he said behind the scenes at WWE in Philadelphia this month. “It was a period of my mourning.”

Edge, born in Adam Copeland, was said to have “no choice” more than a decade ago, and his career really ended. He played a recurring role on two television shows, helping to relieve the puncture wounds of being unable to deliver a spear in front of packed homes around the world.

“It was still difficult, but if I didn’t understand it, it would have been a very moving roller coaster,” he said. “I had to agree with that. Fortunately, the acting fell on my lap, so I could dive into another creative outlet. Without it, I I think it was a much different decade for me. “

He also married another retired WWE Hall of Fame Phoenix and enjoyed his new career as a wrestling announcer.

Edge underwent triple fusion surgery and was eventually allowed to return. He made a comeback at the 2020 Royal Rumble. This is an open-ended event known to surprise the original star and give the crowd nostalgia when the clock goes to zero. Edge has dealt with the setbacks in a ruthless feud between Rollins and Randy Orton for the past two years, and now takes a second action with his wife, like Lynch, with moms and dads on young daughters. It shows that you can still enter the ring.

“I didn’t expect to interact on the screen, even when OK came back,” Edge said.

Phoenix also put most of her career in the ring behind her, raising children and returning to school to prepare for her next stage of life.

“I wasn’t going back to the ring just because our women’s department was so hot and really growing,” she said.

Lynch helped lead the female wrestling blast at WWE and called herself a “man” because she was arguably the most popular star in the company. She came back last summer with a little average muscle and a quirky wardrobe, and she called herself ” Big Time Bex.. “

Flair in the WWE Hall of Fame Legally grasped He has the only right to call himself a “man”.

“When it’s time for a man to come back, he’ll come back,” Lynch said. “Big Time Becks is what we are doing now. But we own it. So you know it.”

Lynch and Rollins have their own buses and will take their daughter to the WWE stop in Saudi Arabia.

“She’s a little road warrior,” Lynch said.

How hurry.

And maybe Lou can call both parents the champion after the rumble.