Wyandot County District Attorney Dismisses Two Employees for Violation of Code of Conduct

The Wyandot County District Attorney’s Office has fired two employees for hearing statements about recordings that violate the Department’s Code of Conduct, the Department said Wednesday.

The two employees not nominated in the announcement work in the community integrity unit of the office, a division established by Wyandot County district lawyer Mark Dupley to consider cases of illegal convictions. Was there.

The employee was dismissed on May 19, the day after Dupley’s office learned of a recording containing a fireable statement not mentioned in the news release. A Dupley spokesman did not respond to a message from the star asking for more information.

“The Wyandot County District Attorney’s Office respects, protects and defends diversity,” read the District Attorney’s statement. “A person’s age, race, gender, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or financial status is unfair or unfair under the law of a Wyandot County Attorney or by a Wyandot County Attorney. Never allowed to use it as an excuse for unequal treatment. Office. “

A district attorney’s statement said a review was conducted to ensure that the dismissed employees did not handle the case, including the people or groups subject to their remarks.