Xbox Series X/S console now supports Dolby Vision in games


Xbox Series X console and Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Series X console and Xbox Wireless Controller

Although waiting for almost a year, the Xbox Series X/S console is finally ready to support Dolby Vision games. It is known that more than 100 games, including “Halo: Infinite”, have been optimized for Dolby Vision HDR. At the same time, Microsoft claims that there are thousands of games that can achieve the effect of enhancing HDR light and shadow through the calculation of Dolby Vision.

For the best visual effects, in addition to having a TV that supports Dolby Vision, the TV should also provide game-oriented features such as low latency and variable update rate. According to Microsoft, depending on the capabilities of the TV itself, you can enjoy up to 40 times brighter highlight areas, 10 times darker black area details, and up to 12bit color depth. Dolby Vision can also collaborate with technologies such as light pursuit to achieve more realistic light and shadow effects.

In addition to cooperating with game developers to help them adjust their games and make the most of the effects of Dolby Vision, Dolby and Xbox are also cooperating with TV manufacturers to bring 120Hz update rate support on the TV side. Microsoft previously started the public beta of Dolby Vision in March. Now that it is officially launched, it has become the only game console that supports Dolby Vision.