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For Communists and their likes, the truth is that any line the party is currently proclaiming, that is, until it is replaced by a new line.

This is the theme of George Orwell’s great novel, 1984. The protagonist, Winston Smith, works for the Ministry of Truth and is constantly modifying historic records to match current party lines. In particular, those who have been liquidated are hinined as if they did not exist.

The truth has been so accurately packaged in Communist China since 1949, from the birth to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, when Joseph Stalin’s secret police chief, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, was executed by his successor, Soviet Encyclopedia subscribers received instructions to replace the page praising Velia with additional material from the Bering Sea. I did. Berea has been hinined.

But the fact is that the enemies of all communist regimes are the truth itself, as are the other values ​​and principles of civilized society, especially the proposition at the heart of the Declaration of Independence. This is not just Americans. According to Winston Churchill, following the Magna Carta and the British Bill of Rights, the Declaration is the third great title certificate on which the freedom of the English-speaking people, the core of the West, is the foundation.

Declaration_of_Independence_ (1819), _ by_John_Trumbull
Declaration of Independence, 1819, by John Trumbull. (Public domain)

It states the basic principle that human beings are endowed with certain inviolable rights by the Creator, a principle that contradicts communism.

The latter is important. A powerful pressure group in the United States and many democracies, the so-called “Communist China Lobby,” pretends to be Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the only cause of current problems with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). ..

Instead, the source of this evil is communism. As with the terrible illustration, the evil multi-billion dollar deal in the organs of healthy people dates back long before the rise of Xi.

In fact, communism was foreign to civilization and was always foreign. We cannot rely on the Communist regime to take proper or prestigious actions. Even the most basic things we can’t trust in their words.

For example, look at the COVID-19 statistics for which CCP is responsible.

The death toll from the virus in Australia, a country of 26 million people, is said to soon exceed the death toll of the Chinese Communist Party, which has a population of more than 1.4 billion.

Obviously, wise people will not take their statistics or their words seriously. It’s advice that mysteriously doesn’t seem to apply whenever the subject is reducing CO2 emissions.

Similarly, as it happened when Australia dared to propose an international investigation into the origin of a pandemic, wise men are hostile when demanding the truth to uncover problems that can embarrass communists. You have to expect a positive reaction.

Australia’s only mistake was to allow the World Health Organization, a heavily influenced organization of the Chinese Communist Party, to lead the investigation.

Signed by the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, April 24, 2020. (Fabrice Coffrini / AFP via Getty Images)

Australia should have proposed to the former US administration to investigate its origins, assess liability and, if necessary, establish an extraordinary international court to claim damages.

If damages are granted and not paid, the law may approve damages from Australian assets under the ultimate control of the guilty state. Darwin Harbor comes to mind.

Australia has received increasingly illegal economic penalties from Beijing in response to a request for investigation, so if such assets are seized to meet legitimate international judgment, CCP can do little. You can recover at least a range of premium and strategic assets.

What is important is that not only can we not rely on the information and truth from this administration, but we also control areas without the rule of law, human rights and protection of workers’ rights.

It does not come with the Xi. It has been popular since 1949.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the European Communist dictatorship, the unchanging purpose of the CCP was to avoid a similar fate.

Deng Xiaoping, the supreme leader of the time, took advantage of the new economic policy (NEP) of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, who saved the Soviet Union from the early collapse of 1922. feature. “

Lenin never intended the NEP to be permanent. The words attributed to him explain the true intentions of the Communists: “Capitalists will sell us ropes to hang them.” They forced grouping of enemies in their class, including Stalin being forced to reverse direction, socialize the economy, and cultivate Clark, and cruelly used famine to destroy them. And did it.

Deng Xiaoping provided more to the west than Lenin. It captivated the Western elite, a market that makes up one-fifth of the world’s population.

British trade
The container will be found at Yangshan Deepwater Port in Shanghai, China on October 19, 2020. (AlySong / Reuters)

Bill Clinton bet on welcoming the People’s Republic of China to the World Trade Organization in 2000. Instead, he granted access without the most basic safeguards to ensure that they couldn’t do what Communists do: ignore the rules, steal, or much bigger. Forcibly Extract Things β€” More than the US $ 85 billion modern weapons recently donated to Tullivan β€” America’s vast intellectual property portfolio.

From Europe to Australia, Western leaders and large corporations have blindly followed.

As a result, these elites saved the tyranny from the fateful Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher handed over to the Soviet Union.

They betrayed American, Australian, and Western workers by closing their industry and moving them to China.

They betrayed Chinese workers by rudely benefiting from the suppression of their basic rights.

Still, these same elites were too often taken on board by communists who tricked them into every time and allowed their country to rely on the Chinese Communist Party.

Only under the former US administration was this trend temporarily reversed.

Today, the same communist China lobby, which wants to bring Western industry back to China, from the United States to Europe and Australia, is desperate to regain this dependency. They justify this in a unified way. They say the problem is temporary. The problem goes through when Supreme Leader Xi passes.

But that’s not the case.

The question is not who is the best leader. The problem, as always, is its communist evil “plague bacillus”.

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David Flint


David Flint is an emeritus professor known for his Australian leadership for a constitutional monarchy and his tenure as head of the Australian Broadcasting Station. He is also a former president of the Australian Press Council and the World Press Council Association.