Xi Jinping will ask for more “lovely” depiction involving high Beijing may promote from China experts and media

According to experts, Xi Jinping is the Chinese leaders, because they called for a more “adorable” depicts the Communist Party of China on the world stage, China will strengthen an attractive offensive, but the invasion of the Indian Pacific Ocean region Will not slow down, experts say.

Xi reportedly held a “study session” in late May by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) central committee (the executive body of the administration), where Chinese officials and state media reportedly gave world opinion on China. He said it needed to be rebuilt. It has plummeted in recent years.

According to the 2020 survey of the Pew Research Center, public opinion against Xi Jinping is a Beijing and Chinese leaders Plunged This is due to Beijing’s improper treatment of the COVID-19 epidemic from Wuhan and Hong Kong’s takeover.

At the study session, President Xi called on party agencies to “tell the story of China well” and “voice of China” and “improve the cultural appeal of China, its image, and the persuasiveness of Chinese discourse.” There is, “he added. Leading international public opinion. ” State-owned Xinhua News Agency..

“Strengthen the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda and interpretation, make foreigners aware that the Chinese Communist Party is really striving for the well-being of the Chinese, why the Chinese Communist Party can do it, why Marxism is practiced, It is necessary to help understand why China’s characteristic socialism is practiced. It was good. “

2021 March 11, 2011, the Chinese Communist Party chief Xi Jinping and other leaders to applause at the closing ceremony of the National People’s Congress held in Beijing, China (NPC). (Carlos Garcia Rollins / Reuters)

“We need to make good use of our highly-skilled professionals and speak through major international conferences and forums, foreign mainstream media, etc.” he said, Beijing is “trusted, loved and respected” around the world. It should be considered “deserving”.

Expect more engagement with Chinese experts

Joseph Siracusa, an adjunct professor of international diplomatic history at Curtin University, hopes not only will he gain momentum through media channels controlled by the Chinese government, but that Chinese society as a whole will strive to change public opinion.

“What Xi really says is telling Chinese universities to be invited to major conferences around the world,” he told The Epoch Times, focusing on “policy. It’s about getting involved, not selling. “

“He directs us to be involved not only in foreign media, but also in academia, medicine and science. Many conferences are held in different places each year,” he added.

“It’s not just propaganda. Going on air and telling people about trash doesn’t reduce trash. Trampling Uighurs, trampling Indian soil, defeating Hong Kong protesters. If so, it’s pretty hard to change that perspective. “

The Epoch Times
Indian military personnel guarding the Bhamra Pass on the border between India and China in Arunachal Pradesh on October 21, 2012
(Biju Boro / AFP via Getty Images)

Defense Director Michael Schubridge of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said China was “almost unlikely” to withdraw its invasion in the Indo-Pacific region. Moreover, the Chinese regime will be motivated to “educate” Western governments and audiences, rather than admitting that they were doing something wrong.

“It’s far from the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party becoming more attached, but we can expect more talk about our own failures that we don’t understand. Beijing leadership can expect them. I’m completely unaware that the act of is a problem. “

“I hope the CCP is already trying, hiring pro-Beijing supporters and rather naive people to tell the story of the party,” he added.

Anders Corr, principal of Corr Analytics Inc. and publisher of the Journal of Political Risk, previously outlined how Beijing trains leaders in major institutions and speaks for them. ..

As an example, Mr. Kor points out $ 600 billion in two-way trade between the United States and China: “Every dollar traded with China benefits some Americans.

“The biggest and most politically influential companies and millionaires are making the most of China,” he wrote in the Epoch Times. “Therefore, large corporations and think tanks, scholars and nonprofits backed by large corporations tend to prefer free trade with China in most cases.”

Increasing influence of Western media

Alex Wake, chairman of the Australian Association for Journalism Education and Research, said in response to Chinese leader Xi calling for access to “foreign mainstream media,” “China is now in this area. It’s interesting to be more frank than ever. In the past, it seemed like other countries didn’t care what they thought, but now they do. “

“All journalists should take great care not to be overly influenced by any foreign body,” she told The Epoch Times.

The Epoch Times
A new digital signage leased by Xinhua News Agency, a news agency operated by the Chinese administration, debuted on August 1, 2011 at Times Square in New York. The LED sign is 60 feet (18.3 meters) x 40 feet (12.2 meters) and is located in the 2 Times Square building. (Stan Honda via Getty Images / AFP)

Joshua Phillips, a research journalist in The Epoch Times, previously warned that Beijing could easily influence the Western media through the provision of exclusive articles and content.

“Manipulating the media is very easy and very easy. If you are in a country like China, all you have to do is … go to a big press to your ex or current officials, “There’s an exclusive story for you. It’s happening in China. They’re going to reveal everything they say.” He told Valuetainment..

Chin Jin, chairman of the Federation for a Democratic China, said it is unlikely that the Western media will continue to criticize Beijing because of the high interest in the Chinese market.

“The Western media is still in the midst of a liberal advocate, political correctness movement,” he told the Epoch Times. “Western media is now a bit stricter about the Chinese Communist Party, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a resurgence of old customs.”

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