Xi Jinping’s article could be infected with a virus and upset Xi Jinping’s third plan

Articles criticizing Chinese leader Xi Jinping were allowed to become infected with the virus in mainland China, reflecting the fierce struggle between various factions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its impact on Xi Jinping’s decision.

Chinese experts said Xi successfully amended the Constitution in 2018 to remove term restrictions, but Xi may not be able to secure the third term, which will be revealed at the 20th meeting of the Rubber Stamp Parliament this fall. Said not.

“A long 40,000-word article described Xi Jinping’s political, economic, and diplomatic mistakes. Chinese expert Lee Heng Qing of the Washington Near East Policy Institute said on February 8 in Chinese. I told the Daiki Genjiho.

“Since 2018, we’ve all said that Xi has no power to stop the third phase. Now the situation isn’t simple and it’s unclear if he can get it. You see, “Li added.

He emphasized that: “This article was widely distributed both inside and outside China. Even some friends from mainland China forwarded it to me. [in the past days].. … It shows that the CCP faction against Xi is fighting to prevent Xi from staying in power. “

Xi became the leader of China at the 18th meeting of the Rubber India Parliament in November 2012 and won the second term at the 19th meeting in October 2017. The previous Chinese Constitution stipulated that each leader could only take two terms and that Xi would retire in 2022. The constitutional amendment has allowed Xi to govern the country for more than two terms. The rest of the party leadership.

Xi Jinping
Chinese leader Xi Jinping can be seen on a television screen speaking remotely at the opening of the WEF Davos Agenda Virtual Session at WEF Headquarters in Colony near Geneva, Switzerland, on January 17, 2022. (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP via Getty Images)

Anonymous commentary

On January 19th, the author of the pseudonym “Ark and China” posted an article on the overseas Chinese blog entitled “An objective evaluation of Xi Jinping.” Since the Lunar New Year on February 1, Xi’s leadership commentary has become viral among readers in China.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) reported on February 9 that Chinese people spread the article widely, even though the Chinese government banned and censored the article.

Commentary on the West’s achievements over the last decade in anti-corruption campaigns, continued eradication of the party’s independent religion and beliefs, human rights abuses, strict surveillance and control of people, enhanced publicity, children’s textbooks and further history. Review the revision. Textbooks, strengthening state-owned enterprises and oppressing the private sector, fighting the western world, and the victory of developing countries by wasting national treasury.

The author commented that he did not believe that Xi had the ability to govern the country, supporting him and angering both CCP officials who opposed him when he took office. Meanwhile, the interests and interests of the Chinese people have been violated under the West administration, but their voices cannot be heard due to the administration’s censorship.

“Currently it is difficult for him (Xi) to continue his dominance. 2022 will be his biggest turning point,” the author writes. “Even if he miraculously secures another term, he will face even more difficulties and complete failure by 2027.”

The author then listed three factors that could lead to the collapse of Xi’s ruling, as well as the expected deterioration of the political situation. The results claimed by the Xi administration have been forged, the political foundations of the Xi administration have been destroyed, and the “whole CCP bureaucracy” opposes Xi and his handful of supporters.

Fierce battle

Epoch Times Photo
Chinese Communist Party Political Bureau Standing Committee, National Supreme Decision-making Body (LR): Han Zheng, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, Zhao Leji meet the media in the big hall October 2017 A picture of the people of Beijing on the 25th. (WangZhao / AFP via Getty Images)

“Don’t treat the Chinese Communist Party as a political party! It’s actually a political gang. As former Soviet Union chief Vladimir Lenin said, the Communist Party fights inside and cleans (kills) its members. Will grow by, “said Cai Xia, a former political ideology professor at the CCP’s Central Party School, in an opinion article on February 6th. Release In the US-based Chinese media Yi Bao.

Kai pointed out that: “All CCP officials are clearly aware of the faction’s cruel and bloody battles. All high-ranking officials choose the faction without thinking about what is right or wrong and fight for the faction. I understand the rules. “

Lee told The Epoch Times that the forces of the Chinese government against the West are now gathering. “They are using all their resources and solutions to prevent Xi from reaching his next term,” he said.

” [viral] The article reflects the opinion of Chinese politicians. This is to maintain the CCP’s decision in China, but to eliminate Xi Jinping. “

“At the 6th General Assembly of the 19th Congress of the Rubber Stamp Parliament, the CCP faction expressed serious disagreement. [on regime policies].. [The long article] Is the latest bomb that an anti-Western faction exploded in a faction battle, “said Gao Wenqian, a former official biographer of the Chinese Communist Party’s first Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. Said VOA on February 8th.

Gao said the CCP’s strict dictatorship is becoming more and more vulnerable and can collapse at any time.

Kai cites the crisis the Beijing administration is currently facing across China. This includes increasing white-collar and blue-collar unemployment, the financial crisis facing China’s largest real estate predators, and collecting more taxes and fees from those who cannot make money. Living unprofitable businesses, extreme COVID-19 policies that further hurt the economy and threaten people’s lives, and young Chinese who refuse to have children after marriage.

“This is a powerful article that can drive public opinion about Xi,” Cai wrote.

Nicole Hao


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