Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will launch the first silicon-oxygen anode battery with higher energy density



The operation of Xiaomi’s pre-heating of the first release technology of new mobile phones is still continuing, and today’s core content has become the battery used by Xiaomi 11 Ultra.The official has just confirmed that the new machine will be launched this timeSilicon Oxide Anode Battery, And this technology has the characteristics of “higher energy density, larger capacity, and faster charging.” If you were more concerned about electric vehicles before, you might have a little impression of the words “silicon oxide anode”. At present, many car manufacturers have begun to use this technology, and Xiaomi also admitted that it was inspired by it to make improvements on the basis of MIX Alpha’s not mass-produced silicon carbon anode battery.

Specifically, the drawback of the MIX Alpha’s silicon-oxygen negative battery solution is that the first charging efficiency is low, which will cause a large amount of irreversible lithium loss, which will shorten the cycle life of the battery. After switching to the new silicon-oxygen anode technology, Xiaomi will also adopt the method of “doping silicon to supplement lithium” like car manufacturers, while mixing silicon-oxygen compound with graphite to increase the theoretical gram capacity (the theoretical gram capacity of silicon anode is The graphite negative electrode is more than ten times more than that, after blending, the silicon particles will not be easily broken and powdered), and the pre-lithiation technology can compensate for the lithium loss to delay the attenuation of the battery.

In general, this solution can indeed help increase the energy density of mobile phone batteries (as for the description of “faster charging”, it is estimated that other technologies can be implemented), but in actual production, silicon expansion rate may be encountered. Problems such as control and incomplete lithium supplement technology may affect production capacity. But in any case, Xiaomi believes that “the mobile phone industry may be the next force in this new material battery”, and it is estimated that it will continue to invest in this direction in the future.

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