Xiaomi Sound is the brand’s first attempt at high-end smart speakers


Xiaomi Smart


Xiaomi, which has already produced many smart speakers, has teamed up with its partner Harman Kardon this time to challenge the high-end market. The newly launched Xiaomi Sound adopts a design language different from Xiaomi’s past products. It has a tank-shaped body with transparent elements and a floating touch top cover that can output 360 degrees upwards. The device has a built-in 2.25 inch neodymium iron boron dual magnetic circuit full frequency unit, equipped with a 54x44mm dual suspension passive radiator, which can reach a maximum sound pressure of 90dB.

Not surprisingly, Xiaomi Sound has also obtained the Hi-Res certification. Xiaomi also used computational audio technology for the first time on this speaker, which can achieve dynamic tuning based on dynamic calculations of 330 times per second. For example, the newly introduced “Nightingale Algorithm” can dynamically adjust high and low frequencies at all levels of volume. Even if users listen to songs at low volume at night, they can get full sound quality.

Mi Sound supports Bluetooth 5.2, which can be played by multiple units in the whole house under the same Wi-Fi. It also has the function of home sound transmission, which can realize voice intercom between Xiaomi Sound speakers or Xiaomi mobile phones and TV. Of course, this device also has a built-in Xiao Ai assistant. As a new product released at the same time as MIX 4, it also supports UWB to achieve music relay. Xiaomi Sound is priced at 499 yuan and will be available for pre-sale tonight.