Yellowstone flood in Montana’s largest city

Reuters video

Rarely closed due to floods in Yellowstone National Park

Story: The entire park, which spans parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, remains closed to visitors, including those with accommodation and camping reservations, at least until Wednesday. The park showed many sections of the road washed away or covered with rocks and mud. The National Park Service said many bridges were also damaged and electricity was knocked out in multiple areas. The National Park Service worked to reach out to various locations, especially the remaining visitors and staff on the northern flank of the most devastating Yellowstone. Said. Just north of the park’s northern border, the gateway community in Gardiner, Montana, with its many Yellowstone staff, was blocked due to landslides in the area, they added. A video shared on Twitter on Monday showed that the deck was down on a riverside house in Gardiner, near a national park. Floods and slips were caused by several days of rain across most of the wider western mountain, following one of the wettest springs in the region for many years. Park services have characterized the levels of rainfall and floods that hit the park as unprecedented. Sudden spikes in summer temperatures over the past three days have also accelerated the melting and outflow of snow that has accumulated in the highlands of the park from late winter storms. Just two weeks after the kick-off of the traditional Memorial Day holiday weekend in the US summer tourist season, which accounts for the majority of Yellowstone’s 4 million visitors annually, the rapid outflow of snowmelt converges into the park. Created a dangerous situation.