Yelping dog may have stayed in a crevasse in West Virginia National Park for a week

Frightened dog found alive The bottom of the crevasse In West Virginia, the National Park Service suspects it may have been stuck there for a week.

A miraculous rescue took place on Tuesday, June 14, after New River Gorge National Park and Reserve employees were interested in the “screams” heard in the woods. The 70,000 acres of park It is 85 miles southeast of Charleston, West Virginia.

“Los Williams was doing trail maintenance on the Southside Trail when he heard the dog screaming in the distance. The more I thought about it, the more I was worried that the dog might be in trouble. “.

“After the shift, Ross, Jeremy Browning, and Jonaton O’Neill decided to return to the area for further investigation. Upon investigation, the dog fell into a crevasse and was caught in a small rock. understood.”

According to the park, the three finally found a safe way to reach the dog and were able to pull her out of the trap.

I don’t know exactly how long she was stuck or how the dog could survive for days without food or water (except for the occasional mountain rain).

“She was very excited to meet her new best friend and gave them a lot of love,” Park reported. “In return, the trail crew, who always have plenty of snacks and water at hand, shared an instant meal.”

The dog collar revealed the owner’s contact information, and that day a reunion was arranged at the park’s headquarters. Authorities do not say where the owner lives or how the dog got lost.

“The owner said she had been there for over a week, and from her appearance she might have been stuck there most of the time,” the park reported.

The Southside Trail is about 7 miles long and passes through “the ruins of a coal mine, the relics of the railroad era, and the graveyard of the mine victims.” According to

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