Yemen’s missile attack in Malibu kills 5 people and injures 30-state media

At least five people were killed and 34 were injured after the Aden-Yemen government media said it was a Houthi missile attack on the city of Malibu on Wednesday night, state news agency SABA said Friday.

The city of Malibu is the last northern base of the Yemeni government. Located in an energy-producing area that has been the focus of combat for the past year, the Houthis army, which has formed an alliance with Iran, has advanced towards the city.

The battle for Malibu shattered the UN-led ceasefire efforts as both sides strengthened their military operations.

Aid agency Save the Children said late Thursday that 28 civilians were killed or injured and that international law must be respected in Yemen’s seven-year conflict.

“Citizens need to escape the fear of ongoing combat,” he said in a Twitter post.

In the past few weeks, the Houthis has launched numerous missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia. This is two unprecedented attacks on the United Arab Emirates, a member of the coalition, which has led the coalition to support the government’s battle against the Houthi.

A Saudi-led coalition has stepped up airstrikes in the Houthi region of Yemen in recent weeks. This includes detention centers where about 90 people died.