Yingguang launches “Real Game Case” 309 Gaming Edition

InWin 309 Gaming Edition


Although affected by the epidemic, we have not seen InWin’s exotic concept enclosures on Computex for two years, but Yingguang has not stopped various attempts. In 2018, they previously launched a “307” chassis with an array of LED lights behind the panel, allowing you to choose your favorite style from several designs, even custom patterns or simple animations. In 2019, InWin applied this concept to the “309” chassis, changing the original matte soft light material to transparent glass to make the LED light more conspicuous, but today it is a step further and launched309 Gaming Edition of “True Game Case”.

Why is it said that it is a “real game console”? Because you can play three mini games directly on the 8 x 18 LED array on the front of the model-one is the horizontal scrolling “Chicken Challenge Magi Jump”, the other is the vertical scrolling racing game “309 Racing”, and the other One is the Tetris game “Blox”. And not only is it equipped with games, the 309 Gaming Edition also comes with its own exclusive handle, using a layout similar to NES.

In addition to mini games, the 309 also supports the new Glow X lighting control software, which can provide more frames of animation performance, and the chassis itself can be installed with seven 12 cm fans, and supports a water-cooled radiator up to 360mm on the top of the machine. . The I/O panel provides two USB 3.1 Type-A, one USB 3.1 Type-C, and a headphone microphone jack, plus independent light mode and fan adjustment buttons. However, depending on the placement space of the case, such side buttons may not be easy to press.

Since it is Yingguang’s case, the high unit price is expected. If you want to play a little game on the case, the suggested price of 309 Gaming Edition is NT$7,290 (about RMB 1,690).

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