Yosemite workers allegedly filmed a video of a national park employee taking a shower


According to court records obtained by San Jose Mercury News, a worker in Yosemite National Park was charged with attempting to videotape a law enforcement officer while she was taking a shower.

Michael Patrick Laridan, a conservative worker in the White Wolf region of Yosemite, took a photo taken by a federal prosecutor on Tuesday with the intention of infringing on personal privacy, and performed an obscene act aimed at interfering with security. He was charged with only one charge.

According to criminal accusations, the alleged victim was an employee of the National Park Service and was identified as “appointed as a federal law enforcement officer.”

An NPS employee told authorities that he was using a community shower on the evening of July 4, when he noticed that his cell phone camera was pointing next to the shower.

The woman shouted and said she grabbed a towel before getting dressed to chase the criminal.

NPS employees allegedly searched the park grounds with the help of a dog and found Laridan hiding under an NPS vehicle.

She confronted him about filming her in the shower.

“The suspect said (to her)’he couldn’t help himself,'” an NPS police officer wrote in a police report.

As of Tuesday, Laridan had not yet entered a plea, Mercury News reported.

Both accusations faced by Laridan are misdemeanors, but he can be sentenced to up to a year’s imprisonment.