You are not a doctor and (usually) don’t play one on your TV

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Poke again Fox news Reporter Peter Doucy Warn him on Monday: “You are not a doctor.”

She added: “In most cases, you don’t even play it on your TV.”


The latest removal happened when Doothy asked why the plane needed a mask — until Monday’s decision by a federal judge. They were no longer so — I didn’t need it in the White House briefing room.

Pusaki, who looks a little tighter than usual, explained very politely like a teacher in an elementary school classroom. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention There are different recommendations for different locations and situations, depending on the number of COVID-19 cases and the density of the crowd at a particular event.

“Um, Peter, I’m not a doctor, you’re not a doctor — I know … OK, I’m not a doctor,” she laughed in the press room. “He never plays it on TV — most days.”

She added: “Remember that the masking guidance is green, yellow, and red. We are currently in the green zone of Washington, DC, so we do not recommend masking.

This is “based on the health considerations and data that the CDC has examined for infectivity due to the increased number of cases on airplanes,” the spokesman explained.

Psaki explained that the White House requested a two-week extension of the plane’s mask duty to “see the data” before issuing a new recommendation.

Check out the tweet above.

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