“You bet,” says Karl Rove, “former President George W. Bush is” terribly upset “about Afghanistan.

NSFormer president George W. Bush Undoubtedly, “terribly upset” by the Taliban takeover AfghanistanAccording to the former top aide.

Karl Rove, Deputy Chief of Staff of the White House, talked about his former boss a few minutes ago. President Joe Biden Bush told the country on Monday about the awkward end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, which Bush began to eradicate al-Qaeda after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Biden: The Afghan government collapsed “faster than we expected”

“70 percent of Afghanistan’s population, 39 million, 70 percent of them are under the age of 25,” Rove told Fox News. “They only know countries where opportunities are increasing for everyone. Women can go to school, women can live outside their homes, women can pursue their careers, everyone Is a country that is given some freedom and opportunity, and now they will be pushed back into a barbaric regime. “

Loeb was asked what his thoughts were in an interview Bush conducted last month about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.Former president Said Deutsche Welle, German international broadcaster, he was “sad” about the situation.

“Laura and I spent a lot of time with Afghan women, and they’re scared,” he added.

How Rove Taliban As he pointed out what happened in Afghanistan before the US invasion, they have already rewarded fighters with an “arranged marriage” with a teenage Afghan girl who never knew they had met.

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“This is the kind of barbarian we’ve seen in Afghanistan for decades, and stopped after US troops and special operators joined Afghanistan to free the country, and now we’re it. Is returning to the same people who refused to hand over Osama bin Laden, giving al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups a safe harbor. “

“Now they are trying to rebuild their brutal regime, and you must be deeply upset by the former US president. Laura Bush has been available to women around the world for 20 years. Enjoy freedom in your own country to learn about opportunities, and the idea that the Taliban somehow allow it to continue is absolutely ridiculous, “Robe added.

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