You can control Apple Watch with a pinch, and Apple’s new service makes it easy for people with disabilities to use it

Apple SignTime


Apple’s assistive use services designed to assist the disabled are comprehensive, and you can find a lot of them in the iPhone settings page. However, they seem to have not stopped because of this. Instead, they have designed more diversified auxiliary services to make it easier for people with disabilities to use Apple’s products, and even services to the store.

Apple announced that starting on May 20th, it will provide SignTime The new service allows friends who need to communicate in sign language to use American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL) or French Sign Language (LSF) to communicate at AppleCare, Retail Customer Care, and even when visiting the Apple Store . Related services will be launched first in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, and will be expanded in other regions.

In addition to communication services, the product itself also has new functions to cooperate. Apple Watch will be updated through watchOS, adding assistive touch functions, so that users with upper limb disabilities do not need to touch the display or controls, only need to pinch the hand to control Apple Watch. According to the official statement, it is the ability of Apple Watch to detect the subtle differences in muscle movement and tendon activity, detect pinch or squeeze gestures, and control the cursor on the Apple Watch screen, and then you can answer calls and use various Features.Apple also preparedDemo video, Friends who are interested can check it out.

There will also be new features in the iPad OS, which will add third-party eye tracking devices, allowing users to control the iPad with only their eyes. Specifically, the related equipment can track the user’s gaze position on the screen, and the cursor will follow the user’s eyeball movement, and the same position can be fixed for a long time and operations such as tapping can be performed.

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The function for the visually impaired also has a new function of narration, which allows the device to describe the position of other objects and characters in the image, so that users can relive their memories in richer details. Users can also use the “Mark” tool to add a personalized description to the image.

The hearing impaired will have two new features, including the newly added support for MFi-certified two-way hearing aids, allowing users to directly use their new hearing aids with microphones for hands-free calls. Related products are expected to be available later today. At the same time, iOS will also support audiograms to help users adjust their hearing aids for the weaker parts.

The last one is the addition of background sounds. Different types of white noise can be inserted under other audio and system sounds, including balanced, bright or dark noise, as well as ocean sounds, rain sounds or stream sounds to help reduce distractions. Soothes the nerves.

Finally, Apple also announced that it will introduce sounds that can be made with the mouth, such as “click”, “pop” or “huh”, replacing the physical buttons or switches with Sound Actions (sound commands to control the switch), which is convenient for speech disorders or Persons with limited mobility control equipment. In addition, the display and text size can be individually set for each app.

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