You can’t crack down on the virus


Like other Canadian provinces, Ontario has become a police state where citizens are denied basic human rights and civil liberties. The simple joy of leaving your home and visiting your friends is now illegal. Citizens cannot escape home arrest (usually a penalty reserved for convicted criminals) unless they meet government requirements such as grocery shopping and vaccination.

Of course, you can easily get out of the law by lying to the police and falsely claiming that you are shopping when you are actually driving to a friend’s house. But this is also a serious problem. Honest and law-abiding citizens feel forced to lie because of unjustified law. This is not the kind of society I want for myself and my children. Free and democratic countries have laws that treat citizens like responsible adults. You don’t have to lie when the law respects the human dignity and fundamental freedoms of citizens.

Such peaceful rallies are now illegal when citizens are desperately dependent on the right of the Charter to peacefully protest outdoors against the harm of blockades, including the loss of civil liberties. COVID does not spread outdoors, and a few people who are truly threatened by COVID have the freedom to stay at home, but it is illegal because citizens gather outdoors to support a free society.

Ontario’s latest restrictions on charter freedom are detrimental to the mental and physical health of Ontario citizens, the majority of whom have little risk of serious consequences from COVID itself, but business, education and social. Connect, exercise, and countless other health benefits of normal life. Ontario’s new police state, announced at a press conference, is constantly changing its rules without being voted by elected members of the Legislature.

It’s encouraging to see that the majority of Ontario police have pledged not to arbitrarily stop or ask questions to citizens outside their homes. And Premier Doug Ford reversed the course on his other prohibition, agreeing to allow children to enjoy using the playset.

However, the new measures will allow police officers to approach those who appear to be attending organized public events and rallies. Ontario police are implementing these policies, as evidenced by a recent incident believed to be an illegal physical attack on a 12-year-old boy by an OPP officer in Gravenhurst, video The boy uploaded online was not wearing a mask while riding a scooter with a friend in an outdoor park, so he can be seen being slammed into the ground by OPP police officers. Premier Ford’s new measures have done nothing to stop the COVID epidemic, while causing police to oppose their community.

Still, the blockade is among people with public sector privileges, such as politicians, university professors, social workers, teachers, police, civil servants, and other public sector workers who are not financially suffering from the blockade. And enjoy strong support. Not all of us are together.

The police state excuse I’ve heard for 13 months under these “temporary” measures is health, security, and lifesaving. Still, without credible medical or scientific evidence, there is nothing temporary about the one-year limit that is only getting worse.

Canada’s new state of affairs as a police state will certainly save lives if the next element of the government story is true:

  • COVID is a very deadly killer and everyone should be very afraid.
  • The virus can be stopped by blocking the entire society for months or even forever.
  • The blockade saved lives and is still saving lives.And
  • Blockade does better than harm.

Unfortunately, the government has not yet provided convincing evidence to support any of the four claims. These claims are undoubtedly widespread daily by virtually all media.

The government must prove all four points in the proceedings of the Charter Courts in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, using evidence rather than mere allegations.

Is COVID an unusually deadly murderer that everyone should be very afraid of? According to government-specific data and statistics, COVID threatens elderly people who are already suffering from one or more serious health conditions and is harmless to about 90% of Canadians. The COVID survival rate by Johns Hopkins University is 98%, Some studies Make it even higher, 99.7 percent. The survival rate is 95% even for the elderly over 70 years old. COVID has little impact on Canada’s mortality rate in 2020 and has little impact on life expectancy of the population. This is not the 1918-20 Spanish flu.

Can I lock down to stop the virus? There is no historical example of a society, country, state, or civilization that has successfully defeated the virus by destroying its economy, driving its citizens into isolation and loneliness, and destroying its social structure. The virus is circulating and the genie cannot be returned to the bottle.

Did the blockade save lives? Thirteen months after the infringement of the rights and freedoms of the Charter, there is a wealth of international data on the blockade. Sweden, which was not blocked, was far superior to Belgium and Spain, which were blocked. South Dakota pursued personal responsibility and North Dakota detained civilians, both with very similar COVID mortality rates. Florida remained open while New York was closed, but New York’s COVID mortality rate is twice that of Florida. Politicians claim that “more people would have died if we hadn’t been trapped,” but there is no science to support that claim.

Does blockade do more harm than good? Politicians don’t want to know and aren’t trying to find the fate of 200,000 Canadians whose surgery and other procedures have been canceled by COVID measures. Politicians don’t want to know how many people knew that the cancer diagnosis was too late because the blockade canceled 500,000 MRI and CT scans. Politicians ignore the increase in drug overdose and see how public health is compromised by banning gym use, team sports, most recreation, entertainment, socializing, and many other sources of joy. I’m not thinking. And the impact on children and young adults that has dramatically affected many trauma units by harming caregivers and themselves is poorly understood at this time.

It’s easy to claim that the blockade saves lives, but it’s hard to prove. It’s easy to pretend that the blockade hasn’t done serious harm to millions of people, but these harms are inevitable in court.

Attorney John Carpay is president of the Constitutional Freedom Justice Center (, which is suing the federal and state governments to end the blockade.

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